It ran the 32nd minute when Nico Schlotterbeck switched on to the offensive game of the Breisgauer after Ball gain. Once in the penalty area, it seemed as if the central defender had represented, because he suddenly went to the ground, lying and bat excitedly with his hand for treatment.

Coach Simone | Avoid Putaways into the Net

His coach Christian prank gestured wildly on the side line wild, because the HSV did not play the ball into it, but pulled up a counterattack until finally the ball rolled over the line. Referee Deniz Aytekin interrupted the game – and was suddenly called by Var Benjamin Brand to the screen. What happened? Schlotterbeck slipped out in the penalty area and thus advised to the firing trail of Moritz Heyer, who wanted to clarify the ball. The hamburger met the back of Schlotterbeck instead of the ball, which is why Aytekin decided in the view of the pictures rightly on penalties.

“Do not know why the var even interferes”

While Schlotterbeck called the decision “Unsteady”, players and coaches were the host of other opinion. “He slips out, I run in the back and meet him. I do not know if you have to give penalmeter,” the “malefactor” Heyer expressed himself diplomatically after the game at the ARD. It was clearly clearly eaten coach.

“Clearly he meets him. But he (referee Aytekin, anm. D. Red.) decides during the game that it goes on. I do not know why the Var is even interfering with him. He meets him easily, that’s very easy For me definitely no penalty “, referred Tim Walter at Sky clearly position. The 46-year-old Aytekin also shared a long and detailed after the final whistle.

The penalty sealed the semi-final from the HSV early, because after 35 minutes the households were already 57,000 spectators in the Volksparkstadion already with 0: 3 and should no longer recover.

“Knowledge, deal with neck strokes”

Thus, the hamburgers miss the great chance, with a thick surprise in the cup a season that threatens to be disappointing, yet to save. For in the league, the ambitious red redothos have ranked five already five points behind the relegation rank and threatening to miss the ascent for the fourth time in a row. But that could also be a chance: the hamburgers can now focus fullly on the final spurt in the 2nd Bundesliga and keep the hope there alive. “We know, to deal with neck strokes, we are on a good way,” Walter was optimistic again for Saturday. Then the HSV travels to Regensburg (13.30 clock).