All in the spirit of the other from software titles Elden Ring is sometimes a real board and can make life difficult for you with his boss fights despite our extensive collection of tips and tricks. So if you want to win, you have to grab everyone and has probably already heard of the infamous invocation FlyingScharm .

As the name implies, you will conjure up a flying swarm, the opponent in your proximity not only piesal rectangely, but by its repeated triggering of bleeding damage is meant. Especially against Malenia , the heaviest boss of the game, which is currently even stronger by a bug than anyway, the flying swarm would like to be sent to the fight.

Where can I find the invocation flying swarm?

To be able to send the collection of insects into the battle, but of course you have to find them. The starting point for your search is the place of grace “Dynastienmausoleum – Entrance”, which is located in the subsoil of the intermediate country, more precisely in the area of the Mohgwyn Palace.

Jump towards the northeast of the cliff and then rides along the eastern wall along the north, until you get into a blood-red swamp. Ride further to the east until you come to a recess that leads you to a small cave. At the end of the cave you will then find the invocation flying swarm and can rush from your little friends to a common opponent from now on your little friends.

What makes the Swarm of Flies so strong?

Even if the flying swarm does not belong to the legendary involvement and has actually been slightly weakened in the last patch, he should still be an extremely effective weapon in the fight against many bosses of Elden Ring (Buy Now 53,98 € / 50,99 €) represent. There are several reasons for this, but they all circle the same aspect: bleeding damage.

Because the flying swarm builds the bleeding effect in his attack goals and then triggers damage depending on the maximum life at full bar. That’s so efficient at Bossen because they usually have an immense lifeboards and because a large part of the end opponents are susceptible to bleeding – whereby the effect is easier to trigger.

Combined with a bleeding weapon like the Katana bloody streams , you will be causing massive damage to almost all bosses in record time and you can see your life bars at the bottom of the screen melting like an ice cream on the stalk in midsummer. In addition, there are low FP costs and relatively low value requirements with 16 Arkan and 11 faith.

As a result, the invocation with a small rune investment can also be easily used by sugar fighters. If you also use the Imitator’s tab and thus calls a copy of you to the battlefield, this can also use the equipped invocation and summon such a second flying swarm – without FP costs.

Malenia is not only vulnerable against the flying swarm

If you have acquired the invocation flying swarm specially for Malenia, sword of Miquella, and still fails to her, we have two more tips for you. On the one hand, the good is quite prone to status effects, which you can add to it with crowds, for example. So, among other things, their infamous water bird dance can be easily boasted.

Should not that rang, you can use the multiplayer and call other helpful phantoms in your game. Who knows, maybe you bother the legendary naked hero “Let Me Solo”, which Malenia has already stretched out almost 400 times? With some bad luck, however, you also ran to the anti-hero “Let Her Solo Me”, then the chances are unfortunately bad.

Elden Ring swarm of flies location guide, best bleed incantation?

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