Roccat, a peripheral play company under the aegis of Turtlebeach based in Germany, has officially unveiled the brand new high-end wireless game headset Syn Pro Air. Syn Air Air is the last addition to the Roccat game helmets range that has already established a strong place in the industry alongside Turtlebeach, a true pioneer and pioneer video game devices. The Syn Air Air Headset combines Roccat’s design and engineering with Turtlebeach’s patented audio expertise and technologies. The helmet shows the usual signature style of Roccat thanks to its unique and elegant design using Stellar Wireless technology to ensure a powerful 3D audio experience with a long battery life and, of course, RGB technology. The SYN PRO Air of Roccat is currently available in pre-order with participating retailers around the world and on the Roccat website, The helmet will be officially available on June 20, 2021 at the retail price of $ 149.99.

Rene Korte, founder of Roccat and Managing Director of PC Devices at Turtlebeach praised the upcoming product by declaring: “” Just like the ELO series, the SYN PRO air _ is the perfect combination of the high concentration of design. Roccat and audio expertise and state-of-the-art technology from Turtle Beach Syn Pro Air Offre to fans The latest 3D audio technology associated with flawless wireless connectivity, as well as our semi-transparent _COQUILLE BIONIC AN Larger design with BIEN lighting. Syn pro air _ is by far our best pc game helmet to this day.

Syn Air Air offers a lot of features that distinguish it, including a high sensitivity microphone using Truspeak technology and a design compatible with sunglasses. SYN PRO air repels the boundaries of surround sound 7.1 using 3D audio that gives players a competitive advantage to hear from above, from below and around. In addition, the superhuman hearing sound setting, based on Turtlebeach’s latest technology, increases the critical footsteps of the enemy to help players. Roccat’s Stellar Wireless technology ensures that the cable-free experience is reinforced by a 24-hour battery life and a 15-minute USB-C charging to return to the game as quickly as possible.

Turtlebeach and Roccat believe that the Syn Wireless Game Headset will be the first choice of players in the future.

It's SINFULLY light! - Roccat Syn Pro Air Wireless Gaming Headset

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