Fashion game scenes from the pre-alpha and possible features like an online skate park for yourself: the last week had some interesting news to offer skate 4.

The information did not come from official sources, because so far, Electronic Arts has not revealed almost nothing about the game. But a game test ensured that a lot was strung to the outside.

So also the statement of testers that Skate 4 should already do a lot of fun and it was a great skateboard video game. This reports Jeff Grubb in an article on Venturebeat.


There is also listed again that Skate 4 plays in the open world of Fun City. The city is filled with a variety of activities, including races and tricks. FULL CIRCLE should focus on the basic gameplay items as a developer.

As mentioned earlier, the point of individualization should be a big topic. The adaptation options are comparable to modern multiplayer games. Grubb compares that with Forza, in which despite the same vehicles can chap his own. He himself speculates besides the content generated by players on premium content.

About your own online skate park Grubb said that you can just open your own server where you can hang up with friends and skate together. Ideas for own tricks and scenarios should be implemented directly by adding skatepark elements, which you can then try it immediately.

Since Electronic Arts give up a lot of time to try out and experiment for the development team, it could take a long time until Skate 4 is released. It seems like to create something special for the fans.