Unity, which provides real -time 3D content production and operating platforms, unveiled the entire session ahead of the ‘Unity Wave 2022’, which will be held in the form of hybrid from May 9 to 13.

‘Unity Wave 2022’ is an event designed to share the latest technology and information of the Unity engine with creators. ▲ Unity ▲ Game ▲ Simulation ▲ Digital Trin ▲ Virtual and Augmented Reality will show more than 35 sessions. All sessions can be participated by anyone through the offline event and online channels on the first floor of the Korea Institute of Science and Technology.

On the 9th, the first day of the event, Nikita Pigasov, Nikita Pigasov, introduced ZIVA Dynamics, which was acquired in January, and the functions that can produce high -quality real -time 3D animations ‘ZIVA’ RealTime: It will be explained through the natural animation ‘session in the game. On the 10th, Mark Schoennagel Unity Senior developer Edboit will present the Unity Demo Team’s latest flagship cinematic demo “Enemies”. You can look at the process of producing the latest tech demo “Enemy Maz” and look at Unity’s new hair system and upgraded digital human production tools.

In the ‘Unity Simulation Technology and Case Introduction for Digital Twin Building’ on the 11th, Yang Jin -seok Unity Korea lead solution engineer will be speaking. Various industries such as automobiles, construction, and manufacturing will explain the simulation technology using Unity through on -site use cases. Unity for Digital Twin, scheduled for the 12th, will be presented on the theme of introducing the 3DEX Virtual Product Experience, which shares platforms and applications using the 3D realistic model. In particular, Samsung SDS’s 3D model -based virtual meeting platform takes time to share various tasks, such as interacting and production efficiency process.

On the last day, you can also find a session on the theme of ‘virtual office’ for the hybrid work era. LG Uplus talks about Unity’s use -use cases and implementation process, along with explanation of the business meta bus platform virtual office with Unity Korea. In addition, the company plans to share various know -how, including the collaboration process of the two companies for the development of virtual offices and the direction of implementing the business meta bus platform.


In this Unity Wave 2022, the one-day training ‘Hands-on Training’, which allows experts to learn Unity directly, is attracting attention from creators. You can participate in a variety of training, from sessions to learn XR technology, which is essential for the development of methbus content, to sessions that make games by unity visual scripting. In particular, in the CAD data optimization using Pixyz on the 12th, CAD specialist ‘PIXYZ’ products can be learned through practice methods to optimize large amounts of CAD data. It is expected to be useful information.

Kim In -sook, CEO of Unity Korea, said, “We have prepared a variety of programs not only about the overall content of Unity, but also for various industrial sessions and training to learn Unity from experts.” We look forward to becoming a place for more creators to grow and develop. ”