While Speedrunner do everything possible to be able to shorten every second into Elden Ring, Youtuber Iron Pineapple can be involved in a completely opposite challenge. Because this wants to find out in his video whether the tough action game can be mastered even if his overloaded equipment makes him the slowest player in the world.

Elden Ring: The hardest challenge of the game?

The Dark-Souls series and now also Elden Ring are the Mecca of the Challenges . Whether speed run, exotic control or fighting with connected eyes, everything has already happened.

The latest challenge of the YouTuber Iron Pineapple is particularly clear. He asked himself whether the entire game can be mastered with an overloaded character .

As Iron Pineapple skilfully explains in his 35-minute YouTube video , there are three conventional ways to choose your equipment. Either you play your character in a light, medium or heavy armor. But many forget that there is another category: the overloaded.

These avoid almost everyone because it would be almost insane to play with this. Since your figure cannot avoid, run nor jump in this state. All essential skills in Elden Ring’s merciless boss fights.

Iron Pineapple does not stop this from choosing this challenge. On top of that, he decided not to touch his horse in the action-RPG . Unless he doesn’t get any further at one point. This also ensures the slowest run that the world has ever seen at Elden Ring.

If you want to see him with your own eyes, you can watch the entire video in English here:

But Iron Pineapple would like to take the extra portion of quality. As he reports in his video, this extremely slow transportation through the Open World later becomes an absolutely soothing Zen experience .

With the overloaded status, simple opponents quickly become real boss moments. A giant with archers in front of it becomes a tough adversary. Exactly this change of events for Iron Pineapple makes the charm of this challenge, as he emphasizes several times.

What are the difficulties of the challenge?

As is evident in the boss fights, Iron Pineapple uses a tactic from blocking and bumping whenever he feels safe. Due to his high defense and damage absorption, he can simply take a lot. In the later course it will also be shown that this approach with better equipment no longer offers as many disadvantages as one would initially assume.

The YouTuber often has to be creative ** when moving. Especially with platform elements, where small hurdles can only be overcome with jumps, he uses all the tricks that the game allows him. Instead of the normal jump, he uses the ability of Löwen claw of the ClayMore sword, which makes him jump despite the overweight.

At one point, however, all tricks and ideas do not help. Iron Pineapple grabs his horse at the giant mountain summit and use his jump function once in the game. Later, however, he still finds a creative solution and shows that another ability would have been the key to success.

Arrived at the Elden Beast , Iron Pineapple only wanted to succumb to this with his sign, but the movement of the boss opponent was too much of a good thing. So he used the Quickstep for this final struggle so as not to let the Encouter unnecessarily run out. The YouTuber thus proves that Elden Ring can be played through with an overload.

In order to put on the crown of this triumph, there is still a challenge: The fight against the most difficult boss – Malenia.

Elden Ring Any% Glitchless Speedrun WORLD RECORD (1:12:53) | CURRENT PATCH 1.04

With his usual tactics, even this merciless opponent was not a problem. As in many situations before, Iron Pineapple had to creatively counterattack certain attacks or idiosyncrasies of the opponents , such as the throw of a frozen pot when they briefly in the Airs rises.

For Iron Pineaplle, this passage, which is actually planned as a challenge, demonstrates how effectively large shields, shock swords and heavy armor are.

The countless hurdles he met and could master despite the challenge show for him how well thought out and flexibly the great game design of From software in Elden Ring.