Craepon has released the 17.2 update of PUBG: Battlegrounds (Battlegrounds).

In the update, a one -to -one arena, a dedicated stadium that can compete with users in a similar environment, was added to the training ground. Users can enter the arena via a signboard located outside the arena. In the event of matching success, the battle is carried out with the weapon worn before the Arena entry. The battle is in place over three rounds, and the user wins two rounds first. Other users’ fighting is also possible. If you enter the arena as an spectator, it will be moved to the watching space and the 1 -to -one battle status will be exposed to the screen in real time.

Some tactical equipment and weapons were balanced. Sporting scopes, including medium -range reconnaissance functions, are lowered based on user opinion. The enemy detection distance has been changed from 1 km to 600m, and the passive marker (white mark), which was automatically generated when using the scope mode, is created only after a long launch key and the enemy search is completed. In order to display an enemy with a passive marker with an active marker (red mark), the marker is changed by exposing the enemy to the rectangular area located in the center of the field of view and pressing the launch button.

Eine NEUE Waffe! ???? I Erklärung der Patch Notes 17.1 I Gideon erklärt...

DMR using 5.56mm bullets is raised. The MK12 improved the recoil recovery and adjusted the reaction speed balance to reduce the burden on users on gun recoil control. MINI14, which has a steady use rate, has increased slightly from 47 to 48. The mortar, which was available on the map, is a world spawn on all maps except Haven through this update. In order to boost the potential as a strategic weapon, the installation angle is not secured or the installation of all the terrain except water, and the battletory slot will be used instead of a main weapon slot.

The new rotation also applies to the map. In the general war, ▲ Erangel, ▲ Mirama, ▲ Tae, ▲ Sanok, and Bikendi will be opened.

In addition, we have updated the Tossing Weapon Cooking Timer UI, ▲ added farming recommendation functions, ▲ adding driver’s seat items, ▲ adding a training center in custom match, and adding B.DUCK decoration in Sanok ▲ Mirama, Para Mo, Haven, Karakin some weather colors, ▲ Tae and map -related bugs, ▲ clipping bugs, etc. have been modified.

Battleground Korean Partner Kim Blue and Streamer Collaboration Items will also be released. Through this collaboration, you can see a variety of items such as costumes, weapons, and sprays that contain Kim Blue’s unique personality. The item will be sold from May 4 to July 27 at in -game stores.

The Battleground 17.2 update took place on the test server for three days and will be held on the 11th on the live server. Along with the live server update, the Survivor Pass: Galaxy Squad begins.