[American Game Moon Young -soo] Iron Sauce announced on the 6th that it has signed an extension of the North American Game Publisher Tilting Point.

Tilting Point has signed a three -year extension agreement on Iron Sauce’s ‘LevelPlay’ and various solutions with the aim of maximizing the profits of the games in the publishing and creating the best profit through efficient cost reduction.

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Tilting Points support advertisements, including third -party titles such as Adventure Escape Mystery and Homestead, and ‘Star Track Time Line’ It uses level play for more than 95% app games.

“Iron Sauce is an essential asset that provides profit solutions to tilting point game developers,” said Samere Aily Tilting Point CEO. It is evidence of trust in Korea and aims to deliver the will of tilting point that utilizes the best tools to improve game revenue to other partners. ”

“We are honored to be able to contribute to the growth of tilting point game portfolio by maintaining tilting points and long -term successful partnerships with Tilting Points and long -term successful partnerships,” said Nim Road. “Iron sauce is a variety of solutions and tools that can promote app business growth for developers. “I think it’s very happy to have been investing a lot to provide. Especially since Apple’s personal information protection update, Tilting Points are using various solutions of Iron Sauce for game developers’ profit growth.”