The past World First Race in the mausoleum of the first of WoW will definitely go down in history – for several reasons. In the history of modern wow, a race rarely took so long. Even the top guilds were not prepared for this and had to start their way from the event location towards home. On the other hand, the guilds and streamers again blew up to their number of spectators every record that previous events of this kind had set up. So you can see clearly that there is a large audience for such events.

On the other hand, the withdrawal of SK Pieces impressively showed how difficult it is to raise the financial and temporal means in order to be able to keep up with the tip. With this, Pieces suffered the same fate as other renowned guilds in the past – from Paragon to Blood Legion to Exorsus. This is a shame, because all of these guilds had fantastic players in their ranks, but who could not use the amount of time that would have been necessary. Not to mention money, without having to manage a World First Race today. If this trend continues, the World First Race either becomes a one-man show or it dies entirely.

the popular idea of the tournament server

When discussion about the World First Race, the idea of a somehow kind of tournament server comes up again and again. According to supporters, this would offer a lot of advantages. However, the opponents of such servers also have some arguments that are not to be discussed away.

Such tournament servers would never be something new in WoW (buy now). Whether in the PvP or when it comes to the time trials to the MDI – Blizzard has often provided special tournament servers. But what are tournament servers?

In the case of the Time Trials, these are basically normal servers. However, you can create every character on this to your heart’s content and equip it with all possible items. You have the free selection of everything that WOW has to offer – without you having to get it difficult. Whether leveling up, gear collect or grind – everything is already d1. For the Race to World First, this would mean that the players have the free selection in terms of setup, since all classes and specs are perfectly equipped.

These servers are also completely detached from the live server. There are character copies like on the PTR, but they are unnecessary. In theory, you don’t even need to play on the live server to be successful on the tournament servers. Ultimately, the RWF Echo was able to prevail – also because they invested a lot. Source: Echo

the advantages of a tournament server for the World First Race

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The biggest and most important advantage is certainly fairness. Loot-Glück simply does not matter on a test server. Which guild has captured more legendarys or got the better classes with a set of 4 – everything irrelevant, because everyone has everything.

Pieces had only teamed up with the eSport organization SK before the RWF – a short pleasure. Source: SK Pieces The second important point is the elimination of the endless grind. If you can keep up with the World First Race, you need an entire army of twinks with the best possible equipment. This results in numerous split-runs and endless mythical-plus bees-which neither the players involved nor the spectators really like.

By eliminating the time -consuming preparation, the playful ability and tactics of the individual guilds are again in the foreground. That would certainly provide more variety and a wider field in the race. Because, without wanting to get too close, there are still many wow players at a similar level. Unfortunately, these cannot spend the time to play endlessly long wow.
Blizzard could even go one step further here and regulate the season on the test servers by leaving them open only a certain number of hours a day. In any case, it would be no longer a problem to start the World First Race Global at a time instead of three different times.

The balancing of the bosses for the World First Race would also be easier. Because instead of guessing how much time the guilds invest and what equipment they get to, you could work with pre-sets and match them exactly to the request of the raid. In any case, however, the developers know exactly which item level the guilds have – since the developers decide for themselves what they are available and what they are not.

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