Salt and Sacrifice will have to overcome many tests, including battles with bosses. Although there are many bosses that you need to win, the first with whom you are faced will be Uricks a necklace-necklace. Your first battle with the boss may be difficult, but we have collected some tips and techniques that will help you defeat Urika necklace.

Tips and Hints for Uriki Necklace-Ushi

You will want to patient against this boss and not be greedy for a counterattack. You can also stay at a distance and use distant attacks to weaken Urika necklace, since he does not have distant attacks.

Urik has several attacks, but they all have a rather slow twist. When he starts to start, you want to dodge the roll under and behind him. This will allow you to get one or two blows, we do not recommend making more in return. Repeat this process until you abandon the Urik necklace.

How to get your favorite idol

Favorite idol is a good object giving a passive buff. You can get this item by defeating Uricks a necklace-neck. Like a drop but you can also find it in breast a little further. Compare which favorite idol is better for your assembly, and equip the right one.

After you defeat Urika, a necklace, you will need to continue to move forward. Go to the right, and you will find a rock that you cannot get to, and entrance to the cave . Enter the cave and continue to go to the right. You will fall from a number of rocks, be careful not to get damage from the fall.

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Below you will find the body of an inquisitor and a hook. At the same time, you can get out of the pit and be sure to grab a chest hidden on the left rock. Now that you have anchor , you can turn your back to an impregnable rock and follow this path. This will bring you to the village.

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