Well -made pixel art is very attractive. There is a lot of mood somewhere. That’s why I’m interested in the well -made pixel art games. The Milmmer Games’s ‘Nightmare: The Lunatic’ was such a game. The level of action was melted into the level of pixel art. Silk, most of the visitors who passed by were interested.

But this game. It was similar to ‘Skull’ somewhere. Cute pixel art, action, and logite to a variety of weapons systems. Kim Ki -seok, CEO of Mildol Games, laughed nicely. He only felt like a similar feeling, but he explained that it is different as an action game.

‘Nightmare: The Lunatic’, which was released earlier this year, is aiming to be officially launched early next year after refining the system based on feedback from early access. What is the action that ‘Nightmare: The Lunatic’ pursues? At the Play Expo site, I met with Kim Ki -seok and listened to the details.

Q. Nice to meet you. Please introduce a brief introduction to the company and team members.

Kim Ki -seok, the representative of the millstone game. The Mildol Games is a game company made with the desire to make a graduation work and even release it. The company has a business that supports the office as a game venture 4.0 at the Pangyo Global Game Hub Center.

Currently, there are a total of four team members, and I am a representative and a programmer. The other three are artist jobs. Isn’t it a pixel art again? If the level is low, the tee is low. That’s why there are a lot of artists because it aims to compare the game that is really good for this game pixel art. Planning is a leading way, but if you draw a big picture, the rest of the details will be discussed with each other.

Q. Have you ever been together since you made your graduation work?

not. When I graduated, I did five people, but I got a job in the middle. Since then, the current team has been established, establishing a new corporation.

Q. The mission seems to be unique. Mildol Games. What does it mean.

In fact, it was the name of the graduation work team, but I don’t express myself to change my body. It was the name of the team that means to enter the ball.

** Q. When I made my graduation work, I said that I came to now.

The planning itself has been around since August 2019, but it took more time to develop team members. The full -scale development began with the team members in early 2020 and completed the prototype around May -June. Perhaps if you look for the 2020 BIC event data, you can find the game at that time. Now two years later, the big framework is similar compared to that time, but from the overall quality to the details. Many have changed. I decided that I had to some extent to some extent, so it was released early this year.

Q. How was the early access reaction?

In fact, there was nothing reaction. Since the game is not well known, ‘I have a game like this?’ It was a pity that there would be a response, whether it was good or not.

Oh, there was that. There were many stories that it was similar to ‘skull’. In fact, I had a little hardship. When I first did my graduation work, I didn’t know the game called ‘Skull’. However, there was a story about the fact that the pixel art was influenced by the side -scrolling action, the logite, the weapon replacement system was similar to the ‘skull’, which was influenced.

In fact, the influenced game is not ‘Skull’, but ‘Dead Cell’ and ‘Binding of Isaac’. Personally, both of them are very favorite games, but ‘Dead Cell’ is good for action, but the logite elements are small. That’s why it was a project that started with the idea of combining the elements of ‘Binding of Isaac’ with side -scrolling action games such as Deadcell. Similar to ‘Skull’. Originally, we also changed their appearance depending on the weapon, but it is similar to ‘skull’ in that it is a cute pixel art side -scrolling game, but if it changes to the appearance, it has no choice but to come to mind.

In fact, the version that was exhibited in the 2020 BIC was different for each weapon, but now it is changed to change only a single character. In fact, it was a bit unfortunate that the appearance changed according to the weapon, but from the Rockman X series. Anyway, after learning about ‘Skull’ in the middle, I intentionally wanted to move away from ‘Skull’. And it’s actually different. In terms of the game system, ‘Skull’ is different from the action system.

Q. I didn’t think I was interested in the game before, but I didn’t want to market with funding.

I tried it. But I was surprisingly interested. It is said that funding is used as a marketing window, but I think it is possible to some extent. Fortunately, the funding itself was successful, but it seems unfortunate that the game did not inform the game as intended.

Q. Let’s talk about full -scale games. ‘Nightmare: The Lunatic’ What is the story?

If you look at the first area, you can see that there are corpses of the same appearance as the main character. The protagonist is trapped in a repetitive nightmare forever, and he repeats his death and resurrection in the nightmare. In such a situation, the dreamer is trapped in the nightmare, and as the dreamer comes, he gives him a chance to get out of this nightmare.

Q. How much is the playtime?

If you complete it, it aims to take 40 to 60 minutes to clear.

Q. It seems too short.

I think it’s a long time for a logite game. Basically, ‘Nightmare: The Lunatic’ is an action game, so there are many things to worry about. Whether to avoid the enemy’s attack or parrying the weapon, how to connect a special attack. Considering that, 40-60 minutes may be a long time, but it may be less than that.

And it was 40-60 minutes, but this is also when I get used to the game and almost unlock weapons or totems. The build that you can experience in the booth is unlocked, and in the early access version and the official release version, the player should collect and unlock the special goods of dream sculptures.

In fact, it’s easy to increase the playtime. Just increase the stage. However, the goal is to maintain fun by bringing a long breath by putting the event stage, rather than increasing the fun.

Dead Cells Meets Skul The Hero Slayer - Nightmare: The Lunatic Speedrun 【 EA Rougelike 】
Q. Is the sculpture of a dream often, that’s the goods that remain even if they die?

right. The elements unlocked with this are maintained. In addition to weapons and totems, there are traces of nightmares, which are high -risk high -return items with blessings (buffs) and curses (debuffs) coexist. For example, it would be easy to think of an item with a double damage to the enemy, but I also received a double damage. Of course, the traces of the nightmare of Nightmare: The Lunatic are randomly blessed and cursed rather than this simple form. So if you are lucky, you may have a great blessing and a curse that is not so strong. On the contrary, if you don’t have luck, you can just have a bad curse on such a blessing. I want to make you feel new every time when repeated play through these unlock elements and nightmares.

Q. How completed is it now.

45-50% is completed. The goal is to complete up to 5 stages with three stages. The boss plans to enter a total of five species in each stage, and plans to add three bosses in the event stage. Currently, three bosses and one event boss have been added in the early access version.

Q. How many weapons and totems are there?

There are currently seven weapons and 98 totems. In the case of nightmares, there are seven blessings and seven curse.

Q. I told you that it was different from ‘skull’ before, but please explain in detail.

The reason why ‘Nightmare: The Lunatic’ is similar to ‘skull’ seems to be because we do not fight as we intended. If you look closely at the booths from behind, you change weapons and focus on evasion. But this is not our intended play style.

What we intended is that weapons replacement-> paring-> special attack-> weapon replacement is organically intertwined. Evasion is also important, but the goal is to have exciting attacks. To explain one by one, if you replace the weapon, the special attack gauge is cold. It is also cold as a normal attack, but it is cold to replace the weapon. Faring simply bounces off the enemy’s attack, but if you succeed, the weapon replacement counter is usually cold every 10 seconds.

In other words, the play style we seek is to constantly attack the enemy by replacing a weapon, filling a special attack gauge, a special attack, and a weapon replacement counter and a weapon replacement again to special attack. there is. By the way, it is difficult to paring and avoiding it