FIFA 22 has risen to the world’s global sales rankings with all -time discounts. It is also a signal that has entered the twilight period, due to the characteristics of the series of new numbering titles every fall.

FIFA 22 is selling at 15,560 won, which is 84% off until June 1st. Considering that the maximum discount rate was 67%before. This applies the same not only to Steam but also in EA Origin. Considering that FIFA 22 was officially released on October 1, last year, it seems that the purchase of football game fans that has been postponed has been delayed because it has still been more than 4 months since the new numbering title is released.

Meanwhile, the FIFA series no longer uses the name ‘FIFA’, which will be released this fall. Because of the failure to use the International Football Federation (FIFA), the name could not be used from next year, and later, it will start with the name ‘EA Sports FC’.

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Meanwhile, Vampire Survival Survival V Rising has been ranked No. 1 in the world’s highest sales since the 18th. Following the sales of 500,000 copies in three days of launch, it is not announced yet, but it is estimated that 1 million copies were sold or broken through. The user rating is also maintaining ‘very positive (87% positive)’, and the number of reviews is not showing signs of cooling.

In addition, V -rising’s solo began in the same number of concurrent users. As of the 22nd, the V -rising daily high -ranking figures exceeded 150,000. Considering that there were 80,000 units as of the 20th, it jumped nearly 80% on the 3rd. There are already more than 100,000 people, which are already a big hit, and the gap is still a big gap with the five -captain Apex Legend. Let’s pay attention to whether the small game V Rising can climb to the heavenly world.