The new, rather large May update was recently released in Lost Ark, which brought the new Legion-Raid Valtan and the new class destroyer into play, among other things. In particular, the Legion Raid is currently a lot of joy for many players of the MMORPG, and many users of social media such as Reddit report that Valtan is the best experience in the entire game so far. The RAID is also quite difficult for the average player, because some users needed over ten hours of pure gameplay to create the normal version of the raid.

New Lost Ark Roadmap will appear shortly

The May Update is just one of the patches that still stand for Lost Ark. In other regions such as Korea, the title has much more content, including some new classes, which players are already expecting longing, and still some, rather demanding Legion Raids.

We will soon find out what we will receive for the game in the coming months, as can be seen from a message from community manager Roxx from the official forums of the title. Some members of Amazon Games are currently in Korea to discuss the current and future situation of the game with smilegate. We will probably receive a new roadmap for the coming month of Junis next week.

Since Valtan was only recently published, it would be a little early for a new Legion-Raid, but we may be given access to the Raid’s light fashion. This represents an even more difficult version of the fight, and players are rewarded with some cosmetic objects and the right to state in front of their friends.

We Get a LOST ARK ROADMAP! And It's Actually Good!

At least it is certain that the new update will once again bring a new class to the western version of the game. As can be seen from a recent leak, the two new classes, which will probably be published in the next two months, could be the fan favorites Scouter and Arcana, called Machinist and Arcanist.

No matter which class is published in the end, some players will probably not be satisfied with this, because among the missing classes there are some very popular representatives such as Reaper, Artist, and of course scouters. At the latest in October this year we should also have access to every class published for the game.

Another feature that could find its way into the game in the new Juni-Patch are the so-called Abyss trials. These work similarly to the recently published Guardian Trials. Players are adapted to a specific item level and must complete the older abyss dungeons from the first two content animals of the game. The so-called Bridges or bridges could also find their way into play with the new update. These are a mixture of the boss rush and the tower of the game, so to speak. Here players have to defeat more and more difficult bosses and are rewarded with upgrade materials. This game mode was originally published with the new continent South Vern, but there is still no trace of us in the West.

In particular, players who want to achieve an item level of 1445 in order to be able to enter the Hard mode of the Legion Raids Valtan would benefit from this new feature. Until we know more precisely, the recently published May update still provides enough content to keep players on the shelf.

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