YouTuber Jason “Jaystation” Ethier, which has more than five and a half million subscribers, saw its demonetized YouTube channel and now take a break in the platform. The punishment occurs as a result of a video published by the Youtuber in which he claimed that his girlfriend had been killed by a drunk driver, as well as a series of other bad decisions that were based on the video of stuffing original.

The original video was published on January 22 and caused a lot of agitation among viewers. He then continued to publish videos by playing on the idea that his girlfriend, Alexia, had died despite the publication of videos with his very lively girlfriend on another channel. YouTube, who was monitoring the situation, intervened after the ethier’s arrest on February 3 for armed assault and aggression.


After the arrest, YouTube made the decision to demonetize the chain, citing a policy they had adopted in 2018 after Logan Paul’s controversial visit to Japan. Ethier said that the original farce in which he simulated the death of his girlfriend was part of a plan aimed at increasing the audience on the channel they both invented. At no time, anyone who was involved in the farce seems to have considered that things could happen exactly as they did, which is certainly an interesting indicator of the type of bubble in which such influencers can exist.

Alexia and jaystation seem to have separated at this stage, Alexia saying that it was “taken between two fires”, while Ethier takes a break on YouTube to “work to become a better person”.

Ethier should appear in court to deal with assault and armed assault on March 16, according to Toronto police.