Pokemon is a huge series that has been going on for more than twenty years. The official announcement of the release of Generation Nine for Nintendo Switch was only a matter of time. One of the biggest questions that worries the players is to which country the new region is based.

Where are Pokemon Scarlet and Weylet?

Almost certainly, the Pokemon Pokemons region and Scarlet are based on Spain . In the launch trailer, which was shown on the officers of the Pokemon channel on YouTube, the most remarkable of which is the architecture of the shown buildings. For example, the area is very reminiscent of what you see in firat.

The shown city and the house in which the alleged main character lives have Spanish architecture. Form map This is briefly shown in the room that guard Enters also has a form similar to Spain, which further strengthens this theory. Local professors, Sarah and also tour along with your rivals, judging by the color of the skin, also have Latin American origin.

In addition, the school uniform worn by the main characters at the beginning of your journey Pokemon embodies the design of your middle local student: Polo as well as shorts ! If all this is not enough to convince you, the names of the starting Pokemon- Spirigatito , Fuekoco as well as kuaksli -are definitely based in Spanish. You also cannot but notice the fact that the picture Dancer Flmenko was shown when the main character entered their house. There are also regional Pokemon, such as heal as well as resin based on Spanish delicacies.

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