Steam Next Fest returned and brings with it an incredible list of future indie games and demo versions. With so many games that need to be checked, it may be difficult to devote time to each of them. Below you can find our recommendations on the best games-platformers at the Steam Next Fest festival-download them and check for yourself.

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Eyes in the dark


Ghostly song

Flickering in the mirror

The abyss of the heart

Lunar scars

Nine salts

Spirit and mouse


A cub is a complex platformer with a rich plot, reminiscent of the classic Sega. In the hand-drawn platform with a delightful soundtrack, an exciting story about a child abandoned on destroyed land is told. Since the rich are returning and trying to capture you, you must spend the cub in a difficult journey and avoid capture.

eyes in the dark

Explore Bloom’s estate, playing Victoria Bloom in the eyes in the dark. Armed with the power of light, you must defeat the darkness that has gripped the estate. This game in the Roguelight genre combines randomly generated levels with a platformer and light battles, which creates a unique experience. Use your flashlight and various tools to defeat dark creatures, save the Bloom estate.


Plunge in a modern view of the old school platformer in a frog. You control the renata in the adventure of the PS1/N64 era, when she explores mystical ruins in search of her missing parents. Fortunately, you have an invention of your parents, frogun, a hook in the form of a frog that will help you overcome platformers and dangerous enemies in various ways.

H ghostly song

The ghostly and deserted world is waiting for you in a ghostly song. Play for a dead suit awakening from a long sleep and examine Lorian’s moon in this atmospheric metroid. Explore winding caves and much more to reveal many secrets of Lorian. You will also acquire a powerful weapon and improvements to defeat various enemies on your journey, combining the attacks of long and near battle.

flickering in the mirror

The flickering in the mirror is a saturated with a plot of metro-vanning, in which you play for Siro, a girl suffering from amnesia, in a deserted world. You will find various NPCs and monsters, some are delightful, some are not very, but all unique. In your journey through beautiful forests and historical ruins, you will acquire new skills and companions that give you unique abilities that allow you to solve platform problems and fight in different ways.

abyss of heart

The abyss of heart action takes place in the world of Holspica, where people and beasts wage an eternal war. You play for several characters, including Leon and Ray, and reveal the Heart Abyss rich in the plot. Use elements of strategy and accurate movement to survive in this world tormented by the war. Be prepared to fight for your life in this gloomy 2D platform.

Lunar scars

Obsessively beautiful and gloomy world awaits you in lunar scars. Play for a clay warrior, gray Irma, in search of a sculptor and find out the purpose of your existence. Master the combat skills of Gray and study new abilities to defeat the inexorable darkness and enemies who call it their master. Each test and death will teach you a new lesson and will bring you closer to the truth.

nine salts

Nine salts combines Taoism, cyberpunk, fighting, similar to souls, and art drawn by hand to create a unique and delightful game. Explore an abandoned kingdom inspired by Asian myths and culture, cutting and fighting with various enemies. Your goal is to take revenge and kill nine salts that rule this world. Along the way, you will explore the huge world and open many secrets and a powerful weapon that will help you in your search.

Spirit and Mouse

Explore the French village of St. Cler in the spirit of the mouse, a touching platform-head-headed. Left Lila, a tiny mouse with a big heart, while she makes new friends and does good deeds for those in need. Spirit of the Mouse has a strong narrative that you solve when exploring the village with the help of electric forces, solving puzzles and helping local residents in various mini-games.

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