Everyone has long known that the PlayStation 5 is a rather large game console, and its dimensions are 390 x 260 x 92 millimeters (for the digital version). Sony itself usually produces the Slim version of its consoles 3-4 years after the release of the original, but the craftsman named Matt from the Diy Perks channel decided to do everything on his own.

What happened in Matt has a thickness of only 20 millimeters, which is 78% smaller than the original digital PS5, and for cooling it uses a custom CIO. PS5 itself was packed in a handsome copper case. As a power supply, Matt uses the 750-Wet HP DP5-750RB, which, like the components of the liquid cooling system, is put into a separate aluminum case with seven NOCTUA NF-A4X20 fans.

As for temperatures, the SOC AMD Oberon in Horizon Forbidden West under the COO only warms up to 65 degrees, and video memory is 52 degrees. For comparison, the standard PS5 warms up to 75 degrees, and memory is 95 degrees.