Sonic Powered, a domestic developer, is a simulation on June 23, Railway! The PC version of the Eizan Train ] was released on Steam.

This game is a single play work where you can enjoy driving the railway in a driver’s seat that is reproduced in a live-action video environment and realistically. It is one of the works of Railway Napin!

Let’s drive a popular local line in Kyoto!

The two routes are recorded, including the Eizan Main Line and the Kurama Line, including the upper and lower lines of the Eizan Train, which are popular as a tourist destination and Rakuhoku area.

In addition, it includes two seasonal landscapes of early summer, where you can enjoy not only autumn of autumn leaves but also fresh green. Driving can be driven by two vehicles: Observation Train Kirara and Sightseeing Train Hiei. In addition to the game elements to drive, there are also Guidebooks and Iron Tate Material Collection that allows you to browse tourist attractions and vehicle information.


Free trial version is being distributed!

A free trial version that allows you to test run between Demachiyanagi and Motoda, the downhill on the Kurama Line, are being distributed. You can download it from the Steam store page after logging in. The capacity is about 7GB.

The PC version Railway Napin! Each Eizan Train Edition is usually distributed at Steam at 3,774 yen, 40%off until June 30, which is usually 6,290 yen.