[showed Showdown Park Ye-jin reporter] Craepon (CEO Chang-Han Kim) announced on the 27th that ‘Battleground Mobile Showdown 2022: Korea VS Japan (hereinafter showed Showdown 2022 Korea-Japan)’ ended with Japan’s Donuts Youth.

Showdown 2022 Korea-Japan War is an event competition where 16 teams with excellent results in the Battleground Mobile League in both countries competed. On the 25th and 26th, a total of 8 million won and a total of 7,100 chicken medals were held online.

The team that participated in the tournament consisted of Korea’s Battleground Mobile Pro Series 2022 Final Spring Top and Japan’s Pub Mobile Japan League (PMJL) Season 2 Phase 1.

Among the 10 matches, Donuts USG won the championship with 2 chicken and a total of 100 points in the eight formal matches except the event match. It was second in the competition with the highest kill points. Korea’s ZZ (Tuzett) finished the first day of the tournament, but remained in third place with a disappointing performance on the second day.

There were a total of two matches in the event match. In the Korea-Japan Mixed Squad Match, the mixed team of Chatters Gear in Korea and BeenoStorm in Japan won the victory.