It should not miss much for the presentation of FIFA 23, since it is expected to arrive between the months of September and October. But this is an atypical year due to the World , and the situation of ea sports with the sports estate, which will lead us to have the last installment with that name.

Leaving that aside and, although there is still no official information about it, the game’s insiders have chopped stone and revealed new details of FIFA 23 , which will be indicated when the presentation of the game is carried out.

New Rumors of FIFA 23

Donktrading is one of FIFA’s best-known content creators and, above all, Ultimate Team. Now, this popular Insider has given small pieces about the novelties that we will have in the next seasons. Many of them confirm the information that we have brought in MGG, such as the change in the chemistry system by stars or the cross game.

In this way, having a new source, this information could be done by coming from various sources, although we must wait for the official announcement. Donk also confirms other details that we already have, such as The position cards have been eliminated and that players will have secondary demarcations.


In addition, he adds other interesting details, such as we can play a World Cup based on the World Cup , which PC will have Next-Gen GamePlay , something that did not happen with FIFA 22, and that Hyper Motion technology will reach its 2.0 ** version to give more realism to the matches and the stadium.