The annual delivery of FIFA , the football simulator of EA Sports , is the reference at the sales level in terms of capturing this sport in the video game. The big stars such as Mbappé , Messi or Christian have hyperrealist faces, while the physics of the ball and the animations of the players progress with each delivery.

However, We are many players who miss some realism in everything that does not happen on the field . I do not speak of FUT, that world that lives in a fantasy of chromos and the speed as a synonym of quality, but of mode career … one of the most complaints have added in recent years. Specifically, in this article we are going to stop in several things that exist in the real world, but that FIFA has declined to add to its titles.

The registration rules are parents

Every year we see a team that has to make settings late on the market to adapt to concrete rules of the competitions to be played. For example, Atlético de Madrid will have to manage some exits, because at this point in the summer it has more than the three maximum extra-community players that it can have in LaLiga .

Another important requirement is that European continental competitions require a minimum of 8 players developed in the team of the team, as well as a minimum of 4 that come from the quarry of the club. And each league has its requirements, being those of the Premier League of the most restrictive in Europe when a work permit for each signing is needed.

In FIFA, there is no trace of these requirements. It is true that each competition has concrete requirements, but it makes no sense that there is no trace of something that has been implemented for decades.

Football without Var is less football

The arrival of arbitration technology completely changed football a few years ago. The var, acronym for Videoarbitraje , should be in FIFA as are other novelties such as the technology of the goal line, which is shown in the many in which the spherical goal barely exceeds the goal.

It is evident that a video game will not be wrong when it comes to drawing the lines, and that FIFA still does not add your hands as an infraction when it is something that is not in the control of the player, but the occasional scene with a var And public reactions, it would be very interesting.

Fair play and salary limits

Following the regulations of the first section, it is interesting to talk about how FIFA and the career mode passes over the economic reality of sport . Of course, each team has an amount of money for signings depending on its reputation and real world factors, with the PSG and Manchester City boasting a large budget in the game, but here the similarities end.

No team starts with debts, such as Barcelona, or with the need to have to invest in a new stadium with which to meet the requirements of European competitions. What could make us create much more fun scenarios, such as reconstructions of crisis teams, end up with the usual sale of players and the purchase of players with greater potential.

Not to mention additional registration rules such as the ** salary limit imposed by LaLig Seasons without European competition to teams that spend much more than they enter. Of this, no trace in FIFA.

The most international Athletic

We end with the thing that takes me more from what it takes to me. FIFA has launched more than 25 annual deliveries, and in none of them the best known signing rules of Europe are met: those of the Athletic Club of Bilbao . The Bilbao team has never descended to the Spanish Second Division, and has always maintained the same strategy: just signing players who have been born or trained in Euskal Herria .

They only use players from their own quarry or who have been born or have formed in Bizkaia, Gipuzkoa, Araba, Nafarroa, Lapurdi, Zuberoa and Nafarroa Behera. Well, surely you have all seen the rojiblanco club sign in FIFA Brazilian, English, Serbs or almost anywhere on the planet.

This is something that has been like that since the club was founded. If FIFA has never applied it is because they really are not interested in realism in the career mode , because with a single signing market, LaLiga experience is ruined.