Data provided-Chungbuk Global Game Center

The Chungbuk Global Game Center (hereinafter referred to as the Game Center), which is supported by Cheongju-si and Cheongju City Cultural Industry Promotion Foundation (CEO Sang-un Park), will recruit challengers to participate in online Chungbuk Game Jam until the 15th of next month.

Game JAM is a competition that develops games according to a fixed topic for a fixed period.

Anyone who can develop and plan the game, including indie game developers from all over the country, can participate, and you can apply for a team of five people, including one or more (planning, program, graphics) by game development.

A total of 15 teams are recruited and you can apply through the Cheongju City Cultural Industry Promotion Foundation website or the Game Center SNS application. Through the demonstration and mutual evaluation of the development game on the last day of the game jam, the team that won the third place will also be given a lot of products such as the Nintendo Switch.

An official from the Game Center said, Recently, Minister Park Bo-kyun, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said that the game is a comprehensive cultural space where various contents are concentrated from the meeting with the game industry officials to the game. We will accelerate the challenge with the slogan ‘Honey Gem Chungbuk’ so that Cheongju, who dreams of a happy city of honey jam, can achieve that dream based on the game culture.

The challenge journey from 2022 Korean Youth Game Jam (August 19-21) to online Chungbuk Game Jam (August 26-28) and Game Interact Party (September 3) The game center, which will be the power, will be a power, and the offline game jam with 30 university students in Chungbuk Province this week (Fri) to the 23rd (Saturday) preheated the dream of Honey Gem Chungbuk.