The motto is very easy. Cabeza, Corazon, Cojones-Das is really everything I request from the gamers, states Lukas Kwasniok. Openly translated from Spanish, he requires: heads, heart as well as eggs. No marvel that the train of 2nd department SC Paderborn is consistently compared to predecessor as well as model Steffen Baumgart in such phrases. The existing train of 1. FC Köln adhered to Kwasniok 2021 on the mentoring chair in East Westphalia.

In the past season, 7th location leapt out and also currently the small club from the 150,000-inhabitant city with six points after three games is good once more. You can additionally see in which spheres I have actually moved so far, claims Kwasniok. Before his time at the SCP, the 41-year-old from two video games was active as an interim coach at the Karlsruher SC, specifically in the Third league on the sidelines.

in Paderborn he can likewise make mistakes

Kwasniok didn’t necessarily intend to come to be an expert trainer. Injuries stopped his job on the pitch, as a U-17 train at the KSC, he just had a C permit. Unthinkable in the rehearsal-of young skill.

In Paderborn, the daddy of 2 can function openly, often make mistakes that allow the young boys off their leash. It always has to go ahead: a conference room need to come to be a movie theater, I would certainly be the wrong guy. Kwasniok requires perseverance and understanding of his gamers for his decisions.

The requiring work demands its toll

Up to a maximum of mid-50, he wants to be head trainer, the demanding work needs physical homage. If there is no market for me in football, I will certainly do something else once more, highlights Kwasniok.

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Cabeza, Corazon, Cojones-Das is actually whatever I ask for from the gamers, says Lukas Kwasniok. No marvel that the train of 2nd division SC Paderborn is repeatedly compared with predecessor and also design Steffen Baumgart in such phrases. Kwasniok requires patience and understanding of his gamers for his decisions. Up to an optimum of mid-50, he wants to be head trainer, the requiring work demands physical tribute. Prior to I don’t do something with 100 percent, I choose not to do it, says the Paderborn coach, that is currently vaccinated versus the Coronavirus.

Until after that could take some time. Prior to I don’t do something with 100 percent, I prefer not to do it, states the Paderborn coach, who is currently immunized versus the Coronavirus. And sounds extremely similar once again to the popular predecessor Baumgart.