Call of Duty: Warzone presents one of the most iconic submachine guns in the history of the franchise-MP5. There are two versions of this weapon, one of Modern Warfare, and the other from Black Ops Cold War. In this loading manual, we mentioned the best nozzles and class Modern Warfare MP5 for use in Warzone Pacific.

Best equipment Modern Warfare MP5 Warzone


Star: Monolithic integral muffler
Laser: Laser 5 MW
Substract: Front handle of the measure
Magazine: 45 round stores
Privilege: Hand dexterity *

This assembly MW MP5 works very well in close combat at a distance of up to nine meters. We equipped an integral silencer to suppress sound and increase the range of weapons. Further, a laser with a capacity of 5 MW reduces the spread of the gun from the thigh and improves the speed of the sprint to the speed of shooting.

The front handle MERC increases the accuracy and handling of weapons. For the fifth device, we used the hand dexterity perk for faster reloading. Nevertheless, you can exchange it for folding FTAC butt to increase mobility due to accuracy.

Best Class Settings Modern Warfare MP5 Warzone

Main weapon *-kg m40/Vargo 52/KR-56 Amax
Additional weapons -Modern war mp5
deadly -throwing knife
* Tactical -Steam

perk 1 *-OKP
perk 2 -Perekon
perk 3 -Amphed

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