After several weeks the teams in the North Region have their respective champions that will represent them in the regional phase, having the best teams of each tournament arrive in a group stage that will determine the progress that will determine the progress or the fall of the squads, seeking to be able to reach the series of promo/relegation we will see great games.

The Kings team comes from winning the two-championship in the Honor Division, having a great performance throughout the season and demonstrating their domain with great players such as Mataz that demonstrated its growth as a player to achieve several MVP during The games, considered one of the strongest teams in the region and with a large fanatic that supports the Mexican squad.

From the Caribbean we have Saprissa Esports that also comes from winning the closing tournament having a great participation thanks to the experience of players such as Xuradel and Renyu gave many things to talk about throughout the tournament, Now they have been representing the Elements League with great force to make their rivals fall during the tournament that could give the maximum glory to the Caribbean islands.

The Ecuadorian land exploded with the power of the negotiated champion that has a great style of play with which the volcano League has dominated to excel and reach these instances, now with xpontaneous in the lower lane they will seek to have the best tools for be able to consolidate as the maximum team in the northern part and the protection of Davo which is a key part of the winning pair.

The power of Colombia also has a representative with a team of Braves Rising that comes from winning the superfinal of the Golden Cup making its eternal rivals fall to have the representation with a Zelt in the middle part that has demonstrated its quality of Game and companionship to generate important victories will be key to being able to win the victory at this stage.


With four champions facing to get the pass to Promo/relegation where only one can represent the northern region to look for the pass to the LLA, starting the action today all the squads are ready to fight for that ticket To ascend to maximum competition, an event that will put the best strategies and will have the view of all Latin spectators.