In FIFA 22, to create the right team, you need to strategically configure protection using central and extreme defenders. Creating your team in career mode means that you will have to make effective transfers to adapt to the game style. While the best teams will have right-wing defenders with a higher rating, you can always find young people to create an energetic and useful composition. Here are some of the best right-wing defenders in FIFA 22, whom players should sign in advance.


The best right-wing defenders in FIFA 22

The best right-wing defenders are signed with the best clubs in the world, and transfers will cost a fortune if you start in a smaller club. The presence of a quick and creative RB in your team allows you to easily advance on the flanks, providing enough crosses to the center for attacking and attacking midfielders. In the same way, you can also block the wingers to quickly pierce the balls into the penalty area of the opponent. Here are some of the best RB in FIFA 22:

Best Young Right Defenders in FIFA 22

The presence of a young player in the position of a defender allows the teams to easily change spare. While some of the older players reaches their peak of their rating curve, young players, as a rule, grow every season. We recommend that you first buy young players in the transfer market in order to quickly integrate into the composition.

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