DMM Games announced on August 22 that * Crusader Kings III (Crusader Kings III) will be released on September 1 for PS5/Xbox Series X | S. The price is 7920 yen for the regular version and 9900 yen for the royal edition (all including tax).

Kurcaded Kings III is the latest work of the Strategy game Kurcad Kings series set in the Middle Ages. Development is handled by Paradox Development Studio, a subsidiary of Paradox Interactive. Players will become the lord of countries such as Europe and the Middle East, survive the turbulent era of war and conspiracy, and prosper the dynasty. Character makeup is also possible, and you can also put yourself in the world of war with an original monarch who freely set the appearance.

New elements from this work include stress systems that will be adversely affected by illness if you continue to act against the character of the character, and lifestyles that enhance skills into negotiations, military, management, strategies, and academic knowledge. do. In addition, multiplayer up to 12 players is also possible. Whether the players cooperate and hostile, each person is free.

The extended pack Royal Court adds more various elements. Introduced elements such as construction between the thrones that can show off the power of the dynasty, responding to court ministers seeking the ruling of the king, and requesting jobs for jewelry and weaving craftsmen. Cultural systems are greatly renewed, enabling appropriate benefits to the kingdom’s terrain, giving the army a new reward, or letting subordinate countries learn new languages. In addition, new elements such as hybridization that fuse the culture of people under control, and divergence, in which one culture is subdivided and changed.

This work has gathered 51,945 reviews in Steam user reviews, of which 92 % have been popular. It seems that the strategy to manage the vivid medieval human relationship, such as the inheritance struggle of the territory and the mood of the church, and the church, are being evaluated.

The Xbox Series X | S version was postponed to summer, although the Japanese version was scheduled to be released on March 30 from DMM Games. This time, the release date scheduled for summer was decided on September 1st. It seems to be a release with PS5/Xbox Series X | S. You will be able to play high-rated medieval strategy in Japanese in the domestic console.

Crusader Kings III (Crusader Kings III) will be released on September 1 for domestic PS5/Xbox Series X | S. The price is 7920 yen for the regular version, and the royal edition including additional content such as Royal Court is 9900 yen (all including tax).