The best award-winning team of each category of ‘Cedec Awards 2022’, an event in honor of the achievements of game developers, was announced on the 24th. In the engineering and sound categories, the ‘Elden Ring’ development team of Prom Software won the Visual Art and Game Design Division, respectively, and became the main character of the Sedec Award.

The Sedec Award is an annual event aimed at the spread of development technology, enlightenment, and industrial development by commemorating the technology that is significant in the progress of computer entertainment and developers. The Grand Prize was selected through the audience and voting of the lecturers who took the cedec lectures among the nominated excellence award-winning lineups.

This year, engineering, game design, sound, and visual art were awarded in four categories. In the engineering and sound categories, the Saigames is characterized by the co-winning honor of the Games and the game design and visual art.

Meanwhile, on the 4th, Hidetaka Miyazaki, CEO of Prom Software, won a special award at the Sedec Award. In summary, the Grand Prize wins the Elden Ring, who achieved three crowns at the 2022 Sedec Award. At the time, Sedec fascinated the game fans through consistent game design and difficulty gameplay, starting with Daemon Soul, and explained the reasons for the special award of Hidetaka Miyazaki.

Cedec Awards 2022 Engineering Division Best Prize
Sai Games Co., Ltd., Tech Conference Operation Team

The Tech Conference Operation Team of Cy Games has been said to have contributed to the industry’s technology development by introducing the basic technology of popular content production and the conference that held the actual application case. Cedec, in particular, said that the introduction of the case of ‘Umamusume’ was interpreted as being able to lead the audience’s response.


Sedec Award 2022 Game Design Best Prize
Prom Software Co., Ltd., Elden Ring Development Team

Promsoft’s Elden Ring Development Team has been criticized for showing a high-level game design that combines the Soul Series and Open World. Cedec has created its own level design that adds overwhelming depth and friendly gameplay with the freedom of the development team that has been accumulated for many years. It was a achievement.

Cedec Award 2022 Sound Category Best Prize
Sai Games Co., Ltd., Umamus Me Sound Development Team

The Cy Games Umamus Me Sound Development Team has been criticized for capturing a polite and effective sound of the race. Cedec has a sound production that makes the lace’s realism, tension, and character’s charm to make it possible to play several times. It was interpreted that the effect of producing effects so that it was not tired easily was the background of the Grand Prize.

Sedec Award 2022 Visual Art Category Best Prize
Prom Software Co., Ltd., Elden Ring Development Team

The Prom Software Elden Ring Development Team was evaluated as a ‘perfect score’ in modern games, without making you feel boredom for a moment. Cedec has been nominated for the Visual Art section of Prom Software, and even though it is the first open world that can be freely adventurous, the players naturally induce the players with a visual design of pictorial landscape and realistic detail. He explained that he showed a high level of high level.