On the 26th, Dev Sisters announced that it has launched the new brick collection, Gomzeli Hot Air Bullet, and Sugar Family House. Dev Sister’s Brick Collection is a product that allows you to create a building and sculpture in the game with bricks.


The new brick collections, Gomzeli Hot Airborne and Sugar, are the symbolic buildings of Cookie Run: Kingdom, which exists in all the kingdoms, such as Kingdom Cookie Castle. In the case of Gomzeli Hot Air Bullets, there are detailed elements, such as fixing it with a transparent brick, which makes the hot air balloon floating in the air.

Dev Sisters announced that it will also hold a first-come-first-served event that sells ‘Brick Collection All-Package’, which consists of three kinds of house of Kingdom Cookie, Gomjelly, and Sugar Roh, to commemorate the launch of new products.

The Brick Collection is planning a new product of Cookie Run: Oven Brake theme as the next series. The company aims to launch the product within the year, and will focus on diversifying the product line in the store according to the needs of users who want various goods in the form of collecting.

Meanwhile, Dev Sisters will expand its operating as an integrated hub where you can meet all the cookie run IP-based goods through the Cookie Run Store. From the licensed products produced through collaboration to the products produced by funding, we will establish a system to improve the customer’s purchase experience by establishing a system to meet at the Cookie Run Store. In addition, the company plans to expand convenience to make it easy to purchase and deliver licensed products overseas.

More details can be found on the Cookie Run Store website.