Numerous souls who only followed the original Soul series. There was a game that was outstanding among them, so that’s the Inwang series developed by Team Ninja. Based on Soul Lake, posture and lingering, numerous items builds, and skill systems have differentiated their charm from other Soul Lake, and have been loved by many gamers. The team ninja came back. The main character is ‘Waryong: Fallen Dynasty’ set against Koei Techmo’s core IP Three Kingdoms.


As Team Ninja, who developed the Inwang series, is being developed, ‘Waryong: Fallen Dynasty’ is a game that is a different game from the Mu-Series, the Three Kingdoms action game that represents Koei Techmo. It is a Dark Three Kingdoms and is closer to the Inwang series than the Warriors.

The trailer reveals the ghosts that block the protagonist and some of the actions pursued by ‘Waryong: Fallen Dynasty’. Although it is said to be close to the Inwang series, the action of ‘Waryong: Fallen Dynasty’ is very different from the Inwang series. Above all, you can see that the new action element has been added and jumped. In the Inwang series, it was a way to prevent or avoid enemy attacks, but ‘Waryong: Fallen Dynasty’ added a bounce here.

The bouncing seems to work in two forms. The general enemies can be attacked by the attack, and the enemy is literally a letter and a gap. Jumps are similar. Basically, the enemy’s attack can be avoided. Compared to the Inwang series, the number of actions has increased.

In addition to the direct combat system, the presence of skills assisting the battle can also be found in this video. In the video, there are three skills, which are giving them a blanket attribute, the brain sake of the Inwang series, and the skills that summon the guardian spirit to attack the enemy. It is also in the Inwang series, and it is not likely to be very different in ‘Waryong: Fallen Dynasty’.

‘Waryong: Fallen Dynasty’ will be released in 2023 on PCs, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, XSX | S. Meanwhile, the first demo version will be exhibited at the Tokyo Game Show 2022, which will be held from September 15 to 18 before the official launch.