The feature film in actual shooting adapted from the famous 2K Games video game will certainly for that reason be guided by Francis Lawrence, a 51-year-old director seen forConstantine ,I am a legendas well as many of the movies in the legendhunger Games . His following film,slumberland , is currently scheduled for this year on Netflix. He will certainly function with the scriptwriter Michael Green, whose notorious job consists ofLoganand alsoblade Runner 2049but also the seriesheroes .

Recognizing Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and also Bioshock Infinite as well as a particular number of collections, remasters as well as extensions, the Bioshock franchise business has passed 39 million copies considering that its beginnings in 2007. Irrational Gamings no longer being, It goes to the Cloud Chamber workshop that it depends on relaunch the collection with a 4th title still maintained trick.

We continue, at Netflix. After verifying the start of a collection Horizon Zero Dawn with PlayStation Productions, it is the Bioshock film project that takes density. The latter has actually without a doubt found its director and also his film writer.