On the 2nd, Com2us announced its main evaluation of ‘Com2us Global Contents Literature Award 2022’ hosted by its own story contest.

The Com2us Global Content Literature Award is a competition held for discovering and supporting creative talents. This year, the company will accept the work until September 14, with the theme of ‘Meeting with the New World’, with the Vision of Com2us, which is being promoted in new business such as blockchain and methus. The ‘Word Play’ division has been established in the existing ‘original story’ section with simple copy light phrases.

Kim Hye-hyun, the team leader of the competition, presented a tip. Kim said, There are many criteria for evaluating the work in the judging, but the first criterion is to check whether it has a clear topic.

In 2021, the award-winning work ‘Your Flower’ is a fantasy romance that transcends the Suspicious Flower Garden and the mysterious event surrounding him. It is a work that can be explained in one sentence, and the probability of passing through the most demanding first evaluation criteria of the entire screening process is increased.

As many works are submitted, the fun and popularity of the eye are also essential, and the possibility of IP expansion, which can be developed into various secondary creations, is also an important factor.

Regarding the ‘Word Play’ added this year, he said, A work with the wit and novelty that many people can sympathize with will get a good score.

If you want to participate, anyone can apply on the official website of the Comtus Global Contents Literature Award. This is paid. The Word Play category will select one of the best awards, excellence and encouragement awards, and will receive 2 million won, 1 million won, and 500,000 won, respectively.