Nike, who has made various AR games, including Pokémon GO, has released a new Marvel Comics-based work.

Marvel World of Heroes, a new Heretic new work, announced through the Disney & Marvel Game Showcase, which aired on the 10th (domestic time), is a mobile Ar game that is based on reality. He patrols the neighborhood and stops Bill an, who commits a crime, and works with his friends or Marvel heroes to seek the crisis of the multibus district.

The player can create his own original Marvel hero and jump into the game, and meet the familiar Marvel heroes such as Spider-Man, Captain America and Wolverine. In the trailer, gamers are like a cyclops, like a beam from the eyes, the magic of the Dr. Strange in both hands, and the scene of Thor’s Molnar in his hand and the power of the light of light.


Marvel World of Heroes soon launched a soft launch of beta tests in some regions, and began pre-registration from today. The official launch is scheduled for 2023.