One of the main reasons for boasting in the FIFA 23 community is the number of victories you won in the online version of the FIFA Ultimate Team. Unlike past releases of the game, where access to records was directly from the FUT screen, the current FIFA 23 requires you to view some menu before you can view your track record. To see the FUT club recording in FIFA 23, you should visit club menu in the FIFA Ultimate Team section.

Where is your FUT club menu?

As mentioned earlier, you must visit the Club section to view your club recording. To do this, follow the steps below.

  • Open FIFA 23 and be available in the main menu/on the main screen.

Click on Ultimate Team from the main menu. You can find the FUT icon second in the list of the main menu.
In the Ultimate Team menu, bring the cursor to the main menu and go to the Club section using the RB button / pound or r1 / r2 button if you play on game pad. For players on a PC, use a mouse or question / e button to find a club.
* Opening the section Club, you can find the number of victories, defeats and draws you have reached by your FUT club in the Stadium submenu.
All your notes will be 0-0-0 * if you are just starting your career in the FUT league.

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