One of the best parts of FIFA 23 is its connection with regular football events. This is especially true for Football Ultimate Team, where you will have the opportunity to fight the teams of the week. Every week, the creative group FIFA 23 will offer cards of the players of the team of the week. These cards will reflect the real game of players from the main football leagues. The best of them will fall into the team of the week, you can play against them.


How to play against the team of the week in fifa 23 fut mode

In the fifa 23 fut mode, you can get cards of players of the week from sets, but you can also play against them, as they make up the command of the week. To play in the FUT week team in FIFA 23, Go to the squad fights in FUT mode and find your TOW team. There you will see several teams, some of which are created by famous people or former professional players. But you need a team of the week, so select this option, and deal with other special detachments later.

These TOW cards can be valuable because they will give you players with increased statistics. Using them, you improve your composition and improve your FUT club record compared to other rivals. You will have the opportunity to regularly win the team of the week during the season, and this is great, because for these games you can get excellent awards!

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