The sessments of the EA Sports always franchise usually have controversy among the players in real life, and in FIFA 23 it would be less. America Lahore, the Manchester City central, h shared with laughter the score he h received. Specifically, he cries with laughter for his rhythm, who h been granted only 61 points .

What sessment does Rapport in FIFA 23 have?

The Spanish international is the ninth-best defense of the entire game. With 86 of valuation He deposits the greatest qualities of him in purely defensive work: normal entry (87), aggressive entry (86), interceptions (86), reaction (87), force (84) and aggressiveness (81), among others.

Thus looks at the average statistics in your FUT article.


  • Rhythm: 61
  • Shot: 50
  • Ps: 72
  • Footage: 69
  • Defense: 86
  • Physical: 79

There are centrals with a lower average rhythm, but the truth is that Rapport will suffer to shrink the balls between lines . The acceleration of it is only 55 points, while the pure speed reaches 10 more points, 65. Rubén’s days, his partner, h a 63 rhythm, but the average valuation of it reaches 88 points.

Despite winning the Premier League, EA Sports h punished him a little. In front of lt year he h lost two points of rhythm and one of physique . His reduction does not prevent the general table from occupying a higher position. Throughout the FIFA 23 databe he occupies position 49, compared to 59 lt seon.

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