Trying to reach the peak of the dragon ridge or climb the table of the desert to the pile, it can be unpleasant to fall halfway and die. No one wants to lose their progress, especially when a few minutes are required to return to the last location. The ascent can be tedious and cause unnecessary irritation among the players. Nevertheless, we have some tips and techniques that will help maintain your endurance while climbing Genshin Impact.

How to rise and do not fall to Genshin Impact

Put the character with a passive talent that retains endurance.


Some characters, like Xiao as well as Candice have passive talents that reduce endurance consumption during climbing. Even if these characters are currently not on the field, they reduce the consumption of endurance when climbing by 20%. This buff is useful for those who should climb long distances without rest, since it imitates a large bar of endurance.

Eat products that keep endurance

Four dishes reduce endurance consumption during climbing, including sticky honey, Shotgun chopping, omelet with rice and ours waltz. Of these four recipes, Sticky Honey Roast has the simplest ingredients. With the maximum quality of cooking, each of these dishes can give 25% decrease in endurance consumption when climbing by 900 seconds. .

Effects of AEMO spontaneous resonance

K reduce the total endurance consumption by 15% you can post two AEMO characters in your group . This Elemental Resonance buff reduces endurance consumption, including sliding and charged attacks. This effect can also be summarized with other buffs that reduce endurance. Such as food and passive talents.

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