African TV announced on the 12th that it signed an exclusive streaming partnership with the League of Legends (LOL) LCK team of Lviv Sandbox.

Live Sandbox was founded in 2018 at its parent company Sandbox Network and is a professional game and professional sports team that runs esports teams of various sports such as LOL, cart rider, FIFA Online, Wild Lift, and Rainbow Six Sea.

With the exclusive streaming partnership, the domestic and global fans of the List sandbox lol team can communicate with African TV in real time and communicate in real time.

The Live sandbox lol team has been steadily developing and communicating until 2022 since its first appearance in the LCK (LEAGUE OF LEGEND CHAMPIONS KOREA) Spring (2019 LCK) Spring. In particular, it rebounded from the 9th place in Spring Split in the LCK 2022 season to the third place, and then advanced to the Rolled Cup selection.

The first African TV’s first broadcast of the Live sandbox lol team will begin at 1:30 pm on the 13th. For more information, please visit the African TV homepage, african tv esports page or the official Channel of Live Sandbox.