Roll7 has announced Finding the Flow zone , the second and last expansion of Olliolli World , with which the celebrated Skate Arcade is closed. Here you have the sea Shanty with which the DLC has been presented, where you can also see images of the new content.

Finding The Flow zone will be available on all platforms on November 2.

In this expansion, set in the skies of Badlands, you must join Squid, Light and Professor Planks, the intrepid radcospherical trio, to avoid that B.B. Hopper, the negotiating frog, exploits the rumored hidden city in the sky, reads the press release. «During your trip by these incredible heights, collect map pieces to unlock the way to the legendary lost island built by the very skate gods. By courtesy of Gail Force, the stormy goddess of the skate, travels the new wind zones to perform the most colones aerial tricks ».


These wind zones are an opportunity to squeeze a little more air game: bursts of wind that drive and deviate in all directions throughout each level and that are probably a good opportunity to use some of the most advanced techniques of the game, as the Late Tricks.

Olliolli World came out at the beginning of the year, and quickly became one of the most applauded games of 2022. Sequel to the two originals of Vita, World expands the formula and makes it more accessible without losing depth or reach; The jump is from such a caliber that he manages to get a game out of his niche that he always wanted to be for the masses, but that he never managed to give the pair of steps he needed to give to reach everyone, we said in our analysis of the base game.

In June, after passing through Switch with very good results, the first of the two expansions that had planned for the game, Void Riders, a DLC content but that showed that Olliolli World had yet had much to say was launched.