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The Callisto Protocol: Launch, Price, Gameplay and everything you need to know about the title

The Callisto Protocol is an immersive narrative of third-person survival horror set 300 years in the future. You will play like Jacob Lee, a man sent to the maximum security penitentiary in Callisto to face his fate. As soon as he arrives in his cell, the prison plunges into the full chaos.

To survive this general panic, Jacob must find a way to escape prison, but he will have to face terrible challenges that can cost his life.

release date and platforms

  • The Callisto Protocol will be available on December 2, 2022
  • It will be playable on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC

No official information has been provided about the weight of the game, or even a possible pre-download.


The Callisto protocol is a Survival horror that mixes the tension and utality of the blows to the opponents. The game offers a unique combination that varies between firing and melee fighting.


The game will also feature an intuitive dodge system that will force you to carefully observe the origin of your opponents’ blows so as not to lose much health.

Regarding weapons, you will be equipped with firearms, an electric stick and a gravitational glove that will be very useful to quickly eliminate opponents using scenario elements… Of course opponents can also use these elements against you.

According to our preview, the fights are complex but impressive. You will have to play with strategy while using creativity to eliminate your opponents.

System Requirements

Minimum PC Requirements

  • Processor: Intel Core i5-8400 or AMD Ryzen 5 2600
  • RAM: 8 GB of memory
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD RADEON RX 580

Recommended PC Requirements

  • Processor: Intel Core i7-8700 or AMD Ryzen 5 3600
  • RAM: 16 GB of memory
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 or AMD RADEON RX 5700

Life Time speculation

In this part of the article, we will speculate following tips from the latest Striking Distance Studios and Grafton titles, including the iconic Dead Space series. These games are not very long, with about ten hours of play, so don’t expect an adventure similar to God of War Ragnarök or even Elden Ring’s.

Prices, different editions and pre-registration

  • On PS4 and Xbox One and PC, Standard Edition costs around R $250
  • On PS5 and Xbox Series X and S, Standard Edition is for sale for $350

Standard Edition’s pre-registration will offer players two Retro Prisoner skins, regardless of the game platform.

  • For PS4, Xbox One and PC, Deluxe Edition is available for about $400
    In PS5 and Xbox Series X and S, Deluxe Edition costs about $450

Regarding Deluxe Edition, players who ordered this version will receive the two Retro Prisoner skins, as well as the game’s season, which includes the future LCS.

  • Collector editing will cost about $1300 for PS4 and Xbox One consoles
  • Collector’s edition will cost $1350 for the PS5 and Xbox Series X | s consoles

The Collector’s Edition contains the seasoning of The Callisto Protocol and Skins Retro Prisoner, a metal box, collectible pins, The Callisto Protocol Comic Edition #0 and a minifigure. However, this edition is not available on the PC.

The cast

  • Jacob Lee, the protagonist, is played by Josh Chapel known for acting on Michael Bay’s transformers, but also in the Las Vegas series
  • Dani Nakamura, protagonist, is played by Karen Bukhara known for acting on Suicide Squad or The Boys series
  • Leon Ferris, the antagonist, is played by Sam Wither who lent his face and voice to the Star Wars games

Like Dying Light 2, many LCS will be released to continue the terrible story of The Callisto Protocol. However, in addition to this statement, no clear information has been given for the moment about the operation of this future support. Despite this, Mark James gives some additional details.

DLC can introduce different game modes, some of which are widely inspired by other survival horror titles. But nothing really identifies the future content planned for The Callisto Protocol.

What are World Cup Stories & how do they work in FIFA 23?

It looks like a new World Cup card type is on its way into FUT 23 soon, with the ‘Stories’ items set to hit packs.

So, find out whatever you need to understand about the World Cup Stories cards below.

FIFA 23 has actually been taken control of by the 2022 World Cup and EA is true blessing us with loads of notion-themed Ultimate Team material.

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World Cup Stories described

One minute that sticks in the memory of numerous is Andrés Iniesta’s 116th-minute winner in the 2010 final for Spain.


It was the second-latest objective in a World Cup last, after Andrés Iniesta’s winner back in 2010 in South Africa.

There have actually been numerous extraordinary World Cup moments given that the competition’s birth in 1930, but a choosey couple of stick out above the rest.

Mario Got’s World Cup final-winning objective is another really renowned minute.

The German child, who came on as an alternative, brilliantly controlled an Andre Schedule cross with his chest and clinically ended up past Sergio Romero.

We expect World Cup Stories items to be similar to that of the Icon Moments cards we saw changed by World Cup Icon cards this year.

The main midfielder’s sweetly struck shot was low, past and hard Marten Stekelenburg prior to the Netherlands keeper had an opportunity to throw away a hand, successfully determining the location of footballs most desired prize.

This would basically include EA selecting players who are kept in mind for a specific World Cup story or iconic moment and providing them substantial one-time increases in memory of their special contribution.

With little to no main information having actually been revealed on the World Cup Stories products, we can just speculate on how they will work.

The World Cup Stories card design has actually already been created, with a classy yellow item having actually been revealed via the EA Sports FUT 23 website. See it here


TOP-5 best horror cards in REC ROOM

There are an infinite number of cards that can be explored during the game in REC Room, which can make it quite complicated if you are going to narrow your choice to a certain idea or genre. To help you, we have collected the five best horror cards that we were able to find in REC Room. We also divided each of them into a secondary force that the card has!

One-the best short horror map in Rec Room

If you are looking for a horror map that does not take you too much time, you should check the Do You Copy. This VR card for walks sets you the task of helping a lost tourist find the way. The highlight is that some terrible secrets are hidden outside the field of vision. It can be performed in a fairly short period of time, especially if you are a more experienced player in REC Room.

two-the best map of chaotic horror in the restroom

For a player who is looking for both horror and the chaos that you can find only in REC Room, do not look for anything but Horror Elevator. This terrible card is more like a card of parties in which there are almost no goals, but terrible assets and the environment effectively set the terrible t1. Where real madness lies in the layout and performance of the map. You can go through several floors with a variety of people who rest, joke and fool. The artistic style is mixed and at times looks ridiculous, but it adds chaotic charm.

Three-the the best horror map for two players in REC ROOM

The fact that the map in REC Room is positioned as a multi-user, does not yet guarantee that the card is optimized for two people. If you hope to find a horror map specially designed for two players, see She has no face. We do not want to reveal too much what is happening on this map, but just know that you can expect a panic and fascinating experience for two. Unlike many other horror maps, here you will ride more than walking.


four-the the best simple horror map in the restroom

Do you hope not to get bogged down in confusing stories or complex mechanics? Then jump to the Ignited Freddy card in REC Room. There is nothing complicated or confusing in your goal in the Ignited Freddy: to run away from the terrifying animatronics impending you. In fact, all you need to do is run in this horror game. This is great simplicity, especially if you are a fan of endless Runner.

Five-the the best horror map PVP in Rec Room

For all players in REC Room, who really need a terrible call with friends (or strangers), Ghost in the Graveyard can be the perfect choice. In turn, hide or pursue other players in a terrible cemetery. Whether you are surviving or ghost, you can plunge into this card. Be sure to linger on several rounds to truly feel this fun game!

Want to know more about horror games VR? If so, get acquainted with all Plasmodia VR management elements in professional game guidelines.

Gensin Effect Genius Invocation TCG How to play and get new cards

  • It is crucial to mention that the guide is updated as quickly as Genius Invocation is formally released.

Genius-Invocation TCG, Genshin-Effective Trading Card Video game In the game, will be launching as part of variation 3.3 of the game, which is to be published on December 7, 2022. How do you play the game and, what is more important, how can you get it? New cards? To answer this and more and to assist everybody who, like CNO, can not stop thinking of the game to consider how to play and maintain new genius invocation TCG cards

GENSHIN IMPACT Genius Invocation TCG: How to play and get brand-new cards.

The essentials of the ingenious invocation TCG

In Genius Invocation TCAS online against characters in the game, NPCs and other gamers can be played, their main objective is to beat all character cards of their opponent. You can challenge most NPCs by merely talking with them.

This permits the cards in the game to be divided into character cards, equipment cards, event cards and support cards. Below you will find a quick description of the private card types:

  • Character cards: the flagships of each deck. Can cause damage by performing actions and can use typical attacks, primary abilities and elementary break-outs. Each primary attack will likewise burden the objective with its respective element so that you can utilize reactions for increased damage.


  • Equipment cards: Can be utilized to increase the attributes of a character card and include results.
  • Occasion cards: Can be used to give your character cards field impacts and buffs.
  • Supporting cards: Can offer overtime results and buffs.

primary cubes, described

At the beginning of each round, both gamers can toss their sentence out of eight primary cubes that have all 8 different components (or pages). Because each action has its own costs, the number of cubes of each element then identifies the type of attack that you can bring out. The cubes are also used to play other cards and switch in between them.

How to get brand-new genius invocation TCG cards in Gen shin Effect

Genshin Impact is currently readily available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and mobile phones.

You can play Genius Invocation TCG against NPCs and other players, all cards and your skins can either be acquired by fulfilling tasks in the video game. B. increasing your level of gamers or costs luck coins in the store.

It is necessary to explain that none of the offered cards are obstructed behind any kind of paywall, considering that the lucky coins will be offered as a reward for the completion of battles and other genius invocation TCG tasks.

  • This short article was upgraded on November 27, 2022

  • Character cards: the flagships of each deck. The cubes are also utilized to play other cards and switch in between them.

Genius-Invocation TCG, Genshin-Effective Trading Card Game In the video game, will be debuted as part of variation 3.3 of the video game, which is to be published on December 7, 2022. New cards? To answer this and more and to assist everyone who, like CNO, can not stop believing about the video game to believe about how to play and preserve new genius invocation TCG cards

Understanding the story of Bo Cruz, is he a fictional NBA gamer, where did he come from All you require to know

BO Cruz was the star of the basketball movie Hustle released by Netflix on June 8. It informs the story of Stanley Superman, a scout for the Philadelphia 76ers played by Adam Sandler, and how he prepared Cruz for the NBA Draft.

Hustle has to do with the difficulty of entering the NBA, with Cruz being a discovered possibility from Spain. LA Lakers superstar LeBron James is one of the producers of the motion picture through his Spring Hill Business.

Let’s take an appearance at all the details about the character gave you by nbabuymt.

Who is BO Cruz?

Read: He threw it all away being arrogant and arrogant- Shaquille O’Neal takes another shot at Kanye West, states egotistical individuals blames others for their mistakes

BO Cruz is not a real basketball player, however an imaginary character produced by Taylor Materne and Will Fetters. His story is likewise not based on real-life events, however his basketball skills are genuine.

Cruz had all the tools to end up being an excellent gamer, however is very sensitive and hot-headed. His competing Kermit Wilts, depicted by Anthony Edwards, entered his skin and practically hindered his NBA dreams.

Cruz was represented by Sancho Hernandez, an NBA player and Spanish international. He’s presently signed with the Toronto Raptors, but has actually also bet numerous other NBA teams.

In Hustle, Cruz is also from Spain like Hernandez. He was found by Stanley Superman in a pickup video game while scouting for skill overseas. He was a gifted possibility as a teen, however his dreams of playing in the United States were stopped when his girlfriend got pregnant.

However, Superman was able to encourage him to continue pursuing his dream. At the end of the movie, Superman is an assistant coach for the Philadelphia 76ers, while Cruz bets the Boston Celtics.

How did Sancho Hernandez ended up being BO Cruz?

BO Cruz was Sancho Hernandez’s first acting role, and he did a wonderful job. However, how did Hernandez get the part?

He’s presently focused on his nba profession. He’s presently playing for the Toronto Raptors after signing a 1-year deal with them in the off season.

In an interview with Basket News, Hernandez revealed that he sent an audition tape and had to go through 3 months of the casting process. He was not doing anything since it was the COVID-19 pandemic and decided to try his hand at acting.

Read: ‘BO Cruz’ Sancho Hernandez frustrated with playing time: You never ever understand when the chance comes

Hernandez has no future tasks lined up in the acting department. He’s currently focused on his NBA career. He’s currently playing for the Toronto Raptors after signing a one-year deal with them in the off season.


In Hustle, Cruz is also from Spain like Hernandez. He was a gifted possibility as a teen, however his dreams of playing in the United States were halted when his girlfriend got pregnant.

FIFA 23, DCE FUT Service Defi Flash Black Friday 6

Note that this challenge begins on Saturday, November 26 at 5:30 am and lasts 3 hours, ending on Saturday, November 26 at 8:30 am. By completing this obstacle, you will get an Plectrum Premium gamers pack. Start now

Discover the service for the DCE Flash Black Friday 6 DE DELAY 6, a creative difficulty to do on the FIFA 23 mode. This DCE intends to win a Premium Plectrum Player Load by finishing it.


Should we do this DCE?

  • Recommendation: Yes
  • Probable credit gain? Yes

The DCE Flash Black Friday 6 is a unique challenge, connected to the launch of the mode was FIFA 23. In view of the price of the cards and the requested criteria, we advise completing it only with duplicates.

Flash Black Friday 6 challenge, the criteria

Our example of an option for the DCE Devi Flash Black Friday 6 was performed with the developer of Fut bin (in English).

You can discover the full list of the various DCE Live for the FIFA 23 mode on our list of active team creation challenges. In addition, discover all our guides along with all the actuality of the video game on our FIFA 23 portal.

  • Different nations: minimum 2
  • Exact same league: maximum 4
  • Very same club: minimum 3
  • Gold cards: minimum 9
  • Collective: minimum 23 cumulative points Overall team
  • Reward: A Premium Plectrum Gamer Load
  • End of the obstacle: Saturday, November 26 at 8:30 a.m.
  • Cost: 4.7 K.

Our solutions are examples of training enabling you to make these Does at the most inexpensive price as possible without having the cards. It is undoubtedly possible to make these obstacles with other cards. Be cautious because the total cost of these options can progress (down and upwards) over time.

Need to recharge weapons in action games has a name


Since the action games and especially shooters in the first person exist, players have always had a constant action, that is to recharge the weapon, since at any time rivals can arrive from nothing. However, there are some who only throw a bullet and are already recharging, and now this obsession already has a name.

It is called compulsive recharging syndrome, and it is called that due to users who need to make that action on screen constantly, whether novices or veterans of this type of games. And while many can interpret it as a precaution, it is really satisfactory for those who use the combination of buttons to load.

This disorder can also be associated with having everything ordered, as players feel ready until in their inventory all cartridges are full, something that can serve in critical situations. And it is said that it is difficult to get rid of this behavior, since many users have already dragging it, it could be from childhood.

It can also be divided into three subcategories. The first would be for those who only used a bullet are preparing to make the recharge. The second is after having made a CPU leave or player. The last one is the strangest to see but that exists, and that is to constantly squeeze the button even though it has everything full.

Editor’s note: Personally, I could be pigeonholed with the users who make the recharge after folding an enemy, since recharging during a fight cannot be the best idea. Anyway, it is not something that can affect us so psychologically.

Terzic provides an insight into the transfer method of the BVB

On the one hand, the factor for these needs to be the aftermath of the World cup in qatar. How worn out or possibly the specialists go back to their clubs will be a consider the evaluation of whether fresh forces need to be added at brief notice.


One or the other Bundesliga club, instead of a transfer in winter season, will probably likewise deal with modifications in summer. Due to the fact that: Quite a few agreements expire at the end of the season, which should not least relate to the effects of corona pandemic and financial uncertainty with the clubs.

Edwin Eric did not even talk about the hot oatmeal on the sidelines of BVB as a BVB as when he was inquired about the transfer strategy in winter. Obviously we take a look at what happens, the 40-year-old is estimated by Ruhr Nachrichten. However, he restricted: However for us, I don’t see any significant activities on the transfer market, nor overall not in Europe.

Borussia Dortmund’s head coach Edwin Eric at first takes on his players to make better outcomes than before after the World cup in qatar. The BVB coach is also not afraid to look around the transfer market. The pressure on the black and yellow specialists is likewise increased.

Eric announces movement at BVB

The numerous returnees of BVB should likewise assist. For us, they feel that they are loud, stated Eric.

The BVB coach is also not afraid to look around the transfer market. Edwin Eric did not even talk about the hot oatmeal on the sidelines of BVB as a BVB as when he was asked about the transfer strategy in winter. The numerous returnees of BVB need to likewise assist.

Edwin Eric confirmed that BVB likewise observes the situation really carefully: There will be many transfer-free gamers next summer season, possibly something will move there. The head coach knows: It is an insane transfer market. In principle, however, it applies that we first have to enhance our own services.

Microsoft Week Surface with a 550 EUR discount and other top

For a brief time there is particularly high discounts on the Surface Pro Laptop at the Microsoft Week in the design with a 13.5 inch display, Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD you can conserve 550 euros. However likewise the Surface Pro 8, Go 2, the Xbox Series S and Microsoft accessories such as mouse, keyboard and headset can now be bought from Microsoft Week at Saturn with giant discounts. We show the finest offers.

What does Microsoft Week deal near Saturn?

At the Microsoft Week at Saturn, there are picked products from the producer to buy costs for an especial reduction. The Surface Pro 8 is likewise readily available in different variations with high discounts such as the Surface 4 Laptop or Surface Go 2. There are also appealing offers for Microsoft PC periphery such as mouse, headset and keyboard. In addition, you can now order the Xbox Series S especially cheaply. Microsoft Week near Saturn starts November 24th and ends on November 28th.

Microsoft Week near Saturn: All deals at a glance

Microsoft Week: What are the highlights?

If you are looking for a Microsoft Surface or PC periphery such as headset, keyboard and mouse, you can save a lot of money at Saturn at Microsoft Week. The Surface Pro 2 Convertible (tablet and laptop in one) with a 13-inch display, Intel Core i7, 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD was lowered by almost 600 euros. But there are likewise strong discount rates in the Surface 4 notebook with a 13.5-inch display screen or the Surface Go 2 with a 12.45-inch screen.

Microsoft Surface Laptop computer 4, notebook with 13.5-inch screen touchscreen, Intel ® Core ™ i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, Iris ™ Plus Graphics 950, black.

top deals at Microsoft Week near Saturn (selection).

899 euros (-37%).

Microsoft Surface Pro 8, tablet with 13-inch screen, Intel ® Core ™ i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, Intel ® Iris ® XE graphic, graphite.

1,029 euros (-30 EUR).

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2-i5 8 GB/256 GB ice blue, note pad with 12.45-inch display screen touchscreen, Intel ® Core ™ i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, UHD-Grafik, Display.

679 euros (-21%).

Microsoft Life cam HD-3000 Webcam.

19.99 euros (-39%).

Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600, keyboard, wired, black.

9.99 euros (-33%).

Microsoft Life chat LX-3000, Over-Ear Headset Black.

19.99 euros (-42%).

Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse Fungus, black.

49.99 euros (-44%).

Microsoft Xbox Series S 512 GB.

222 euros (-25%).

Microsoft Week near Saturn: All deals at a glance.

comfy like a tablet, powerful as a laptop computer: Microsoft Surface Convertible Source: Microsoft.


What distinguishes a Microsoft Surface Convertible?

To the homepage to the gallery.

Share of comments shut down in Twitter Share Article.

A convertible like the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 integrates the convenience of a tablet with the power and flexibility of a laptop computer. Thanks to the full, removable keyboard, a Microsoft Surface is a full-fledged notebook with Windows 11.

For a brief time there is particularly high discount rates on the Surface Pro Laptop Computer at the Microsoft Week in the design with a 13.5-inch display screen, Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD you can conserve 550 euros. Also, the Surface Pro 8, Go 2, the Xbox Series S and Microsoft devices such as keyboard, mouse and headset can now be bought from Microsoft Week at Saturn with huge discounts. If you are looking for a Microsoft Surface or PC periphery such as headset, keyboard and mouse, you can conserve a lot of money at Saturn at Microsoft Week. A convertible like the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 combines the comfort of a tablet with the power and adaptability of a laptop computer. Thanks to the full, detachable keyboard, a Microsoft Surface is a full-fledged notebook with Windows 11.

World Cup Kevin de Bruyne from award as a gamer of the game totally shocked

We, consisted of, didn’t play well, said de Bruce: It’s great that we still won the video game. That was less due to the exceptional scale in midfield than at Thibaut Courts. When he defused a penalty of Bayern star Alphonso Davies (10th), Belgium’s goalkeeper had maintained the fellow preferred early.

Articles and videos on the topic
Big catastrophe! Honey leather off
Here you can discover more details and offers for FIFA WM 2022 at Magenta TV

At the start of the World Cup, the director of Manchester City experienced a fairly used day. As an official Man of the Match, the 31-year-old need to still describe how the aging Golden Generation of the Red Devil had an effective start to the desert competition with ACH and Each.


I understood that Davies picked this page more frequently. I moved a bit to make him nervous, I had nothing to lose, reported Genuine Madrid’s keeper, who did not wish to overstate the rough start of the Belgians. There are no simple games in a World Cup initial round: Take an appearance at Argentina and Germany.

Kevin de Bruyne was a little perplexed. I have no idea why I got ‘gamer of the video game’. Maybe because of my name, stated the Belgian playmaker at the press conference after the happy 1-0 (1-0) versus Canada.

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