Households in Germany are obliged to pay the radio contribution. Now the GET citizens are asking citizens to uncover possible non-payers.

Cologne-The contribution service of ARD, ZDF and Deutschlandradio is making a large comparison of the registration data of all adults in Germany for the third time in ten years. The aim is to clarify which apartments have not yet been paid for, said the facility.


Broadcasting contribution: Contribution service calls for the timely answer of the GET survey

Selected data from the residents’ registration offices are compared with the inventory data. The registration data comparison is regulated by law and-after 2013 and 2018-is now taking place for the third time (more digital news at ).

At the beginning of November, the contribution service will again receive selected data from the residents’ registration offices for all adult citizens. From January 10, 2023, the contribution service will write down to everyone who cannot be assigned to any apartment for the broadcasting contribution and ask for feedback, as reports.

The contribution service advised: The letters of clarification should react promptly and inform the contribution service the information required for your own apartment. The feedback is the fastest online. Alternatively, the attached response form can also be filled out and returned.

GET survey by post: Promotion of bailiffs threatens if you do not pay the broadcasting fee

If the original letter is initially ignored, a second follows. If you indicate that no contribution has yet been paid, registration is automatically made and from there by falling 18.36 euros per month.

If the people wrote to the letter do not react to the letter, the contribution service automatically reports them to them, since the radio contribution must be paid for their apartment.

If the GET contribution is then not paid, you will receive reminders and, if necessary, an enforcement notice. As the FOCUS reported, the contribution service is entitled because all adults in Germany have to pay GET according to the law. In the worst case, even a bailiff could be on the doorstep.

Broadcasting contribution: If you have already paid, information will be deleted again

Report those wrote back that a contribution is already paid for the apartment and communicate the corresponding contribution number, your data will be deleted immediately.

According to its own definition, the contribution service is a non-legal administrative community of ARD, ZDF and Deutschlandradio. In 2013, he emerged from the fee collection center of the public service broadcasters (GET), which was responsible for the entry of the broadcasting fee by the end of 2012.

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