It has been a long time since the first game of Pokémon, in which the monsters evolved only rising by level, being exchanged or through evolutionary stones. We have seen as in the latest franchise titles there are more specific conditions, such as friendship items that need to be insured etc-E is no different in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

There is a good handful of Pokémon that do not evolve in the traditional way, requiring a situation that involves knowing a specific blow, being in a certain place and more. One of these cases is Prime ape, Lanka’s evolution and one of the original Pokémon in the Kant region, which received a new way in Pale, unified to get if you don’t know the requirement. That’s why we offer this step-by-step guide on how to get your annihilate.


Annihilate, The Evolution of Prime ape in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Annihilate is Lanka’s third evolution, coming with the ninth Pokémon Generation. This is the new form of Pokémon, which gains a second type, moving from a creature only fighter to be a fighter/ghost. This is a very interesting combination, because Ghost nullifies weakness to Pokémon Psychic of the Fighting. Therefore, it is an interesting option if what you want is to have a good fighter that is not weak to this source of damage.

Rage Fist is the key

To evolve first to Annihilate is not enough just to climb it by level. You can have a first level 100 and yet it will not evolve to Annihilate. The evolution of this Pokémon is linked to the specific use of an attack: Rage Fist.

If you capture a primary or get an evolving Lanka, you’ll see that it has a Ghost type attack called Rage Fist. If you do not have it or lost your learning, you can remember it at any time in the Prime ape attack menu itself. All you need to do is use this attack a total of 20 times and then climb the Pokémon level. If you do this correctly, you can get annihilate smoothly.