League of Legends’s preseason began with many changes in almost all functions-except one that seems to have been completely ignored by Riot Games. Until then, the gunmen were the class that received the least changes with the new patch.

If we get Real from the equation, the rest of the ADC’s will have only three mythical items available to start your build and try to strengthen yourself for team struggles or objective battles on the map.

Possible solutions with mythical items?

As with everything in life, there are many options that Riot could take to make the ADC’s happy. The first would be to improve some existing items and make them mythical, such as the spectral sickle.


This item can improve some of your MANA or attack speed statistics, so champions like Real or Lucian can have a better option when it comes to statistics building.

Another possible route is to create new items, be recovering old items, completely redesigning them, such as the Station knife, or changing other items, even if they are not mythical.

What is clear is that, with the diversity of changes being made in other positions, ADC’s may need a reinforcement in the form of items.

Most of the time, players are on autopilot when it comes to buying items, which can make the game extremely monotonous. It is important to emphasize that the changes are still in the early stages and Riot Games can, therefore, surprise shooters with new items.