Sonic Frontiers came to the market surprising more than one person. Sonic Team’s new work has been placed as one of the best deliveries in the series in recent years. While the initial reception was positive, Sonic Frontiers now faces the infamous Review Bombing, and it seems that a YouTuber is responsible.

A couple of days ago, Videogamedunkey, a popular YouTuber that shares satirical content of the video game industry, gave his honest opinion about Sonic Frontiers, where he revealed not to be a fan of this delivery. While their position is completely valid, some people took this as an excuse, and began to share negative reviews of the title in Metacritic.

The people of these reviews, who qualify Sonic Frontiers with a 0 without any livelihood, are passed through videogamedunkey fans. For its part, the YouTuber has pointed out that it is actually the Sonic fans who are doing this so that their community looks bad at public opinion. This was what was said about it:

Sonic fans are criticizing their own favorite game to make my fans look bad. They really thought they were cunning calling their Dunkeylover2005 account.

However, it seems that these reviews have not affected the rating of the game. In the fans section, Sonic Frontiers has a positive reception, with a percentage of approval above 80% on all platforms. On related issues, you can check our review of this title here. Similarly, you can see the new Sonic Prime trailer.

Editor’s note:

Although I do not agree with VideOGAMEDUNKEY in many cases, the YouTuber occasionally manages to point out a couple of interesting points that not many are willing to mention, and it is precisely what causes the public to react in multiple ways, as in this case.