There are an infinite number of cards that can be explored during the game in REC Room, which can make it quite complicated if you are going to narrow your choice to a certain idea or genre. To help you, we have collected the five best horror cards that we were able to find in REC Room. We also divided each of them into a secondary force that the card has!

One-the best short horror map in Rec Room

If you are looking for a horror map that does not take you too much time, you should check the Do You Copy. This VR card for walks sets you the task of helping a lost tourist find the way. The highlight is that some terrible secrets are hidden outside the field of vision. It can be performed in a fairly short period of time, especially if you are a more experienced player in REC Room.

two-the best map of chaotic horror in the restroom

For a player who is looking for both horror and the chaos that you can find only in REC Room, do not look for anything but Horror Elevator. This terrible card is more like a card of parties in which there are almost no goals, but terrible assets and the environment effectively set the terrible t1. Where real madness lies in the layout and performance of the map. You can go through several floors with a variety of people who rest, joke and fool. The artistic style is mixed and at times looks ridiculous, but it adds chaotic charm.

Three-the the best horror map for two players in REC ROOM

The fact that the map in REC Room is positioned as a multi-user, does not yet guarantee that the card is optimized for two people. If you hope to find a horror map specially designed for two players, see She has no face. We do not want to reveal too much what is happening on this map, but just know that you can expect a panic and fascinating experience for two. Unlike many other horror maps, here you will ride more than walking.


four-the the best simple horror map in the restroom

Do you hope not to get bogged down in confusing stories or complex mechanics? Then jump to the Ignited Freddy card in REC Room. There is nothing complicated or confusing in your goal in the Ignited Freddy: to run away from the terrifying animatronics impending you. In fact, all you need to do is run in this horror game. This is great simplicity, especially if you are a fan of endless Runner.

Five-the the best horror map PVP in Rec Room

For all players in REC Room, who really need a terrible call with friends (or strangers), Ghost in the Graveyard can be the perfect choice. In turn, hide or pursue other players in a terrible cemetery. Whether you are surviving or ghost, you can plunge into this card. Be sure to linger on several rounds to truly feel this fun game!

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