Some people prefer to end where they started and others prefer not to go back once they have begun to move. In this process there is a very hated event in real life: moving. In the Sims 4 you can change your house sim or make your domestic unit change place. Do you want to know how to do it? I tell you below.

move in the Sims 4

There are three methods (without tricks) to change home in the Sims 4, depending on how many members of your family (if you have) and objects you want to take with you in the process.

Move to a new land: your sim/family moves from one house to another. For this you must have money to buy the new land. Once inside the game, go to the phone> Home> Move domestic unit. Then select the place and if you want to buy furniture for the new house. Obviously, you have to select which characters are going to move.


This first method is the organic and realistic form of moving in the Sims 4. There are two more methods that do not imply money and that you must do without playing with your SIM. Go to Configuration> Manage World.

The three methods are legal and are made using the tools of the Sims 4. You can always use the tricks to speed up the process and end up in a huge mansion.