Breaking and Entering-the last mission of the Black Mouse faction of the 4th level in Call of Duty: War zone 2 DMZ.
The task requires you to penetrate the locked system of tunnels and remove information from there.
The implementation of this mission opens the following level in the Black Mouse faction and rewards you with the exclusive skin of the operator.

guide and entrance to DMZ

Breaking and Entering mission is divided into the following three tasks:
Traveling to the sewer under the fortress of Alabama.
Redirect seven safety devices in less than four minutes to unlock the system architecture container.
Find and remove documentation on the architecture of the system.

where is the sewage system under the fortress all Agra

The sewage system you need to visit is located on the Alabama Island fortress, which is located on the southern outskirts of El Mara.
To open the locked gates and enter the sewer (second image), you will need the Alabama underground key.
There is no certain way to obtain this key.
Therefore, follow the looting and be sure to check the purchases that you visit for the underground key of Alabama.

how to activate security devices

For the second task of the hacking mission and penetration, you will need to activate seven safety devices in less than four minutes.
These are electric boxes placed on the walls, as shown in the first image.
Although the four-minute timer is not displayed anywhere on the screen, we can confidently assume that the timer starts when you open the entrance to the Alabama dungeon.
We noted the exact location of all safety devices with yellow points in the second image.


To activate the device, just stand next to it and press the interaction button.
In addition, we recommend that you are fully equipped with good weapons, body armor with three plates and self-healing, since you will have to fight with several third-level guards inside the sewage system.
As soon as you activate seven safety devices for a given time, a chest with supplies will appear in the pool, which will be marked for your command.

The place of its appearance was marked by a green point in the second image.

where to get the documentation on the architecture of the system

Dive into the pool with water and open the marked chest with supplies.
Inside there will be valuable production, as well as an item called Documentation on the architecture of the system.
You need to add this item to your backpack and extract it to complete the mission.
If you think that the points of exile are too hot, you can conclude a contract for the rescue of hostages and expel with the help of a helicopter without warning other players.

Hack and entrance to the DMZ reward

Awards for completing the last mission Black Mouse of the 5th level Hack and penetration: 30,000 experience and skin Merciless operator for a rose.
An exclusive skin can be equipped from the operator settings menu in the multiplayer game MW2, War zone 2 and DMZ.
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