According to the revealed images of the console controllers, the Xbox Series will be introduced throughout the very first week of November.
In an Xbox Wire article, published on August 11, Microsoft validated that its brand-new generation console would arrive in November, but declined to provide a precise release date.
The tasks to reveal the official launch date of the Xbox Series X, however, seem to have actually been canceled, after the online images publication recommending its launch on November 6.


Access to the Boxer forums, SPECIAL ED user claims to have received an image corresponding to the Xbox Series Xbox warranty. The screenshot reveals that its Microsoft limited service warranty ends on November 5, 2021.
Microsoft’s restricted warranty program covers buyers for a duration of one year on each product that the company Fabrice, which suggests that the warranty would end on November 6, 2021, precisely 365 days after this possible launch date.
The leakage of Special Ed was supported by The Brink Tom Warren’s reporter, who likewise received an image that appears to associate with the launch of the Xbox Series X. On Twitter, Warren released a picture which was sent to him by a.
Prognostic of an alleged box of Xbox Series X controllers. The box label clearly indicates that it needs to not be opened prior to November 6, which represents the image of the 12-month service warranty strategy published by Special.
As we have actually pointed out, pictures of other new generation Xbox controllers were revealed throughout last week, it goes without saying that Microsoft started to ship its new generation equipment before a variation in early November.
We likewise understand that the reworked game pad will have a sharing button.
Hopefully that it will not take long prior to we have the official confirmation of Microsoft concerning the official release date of the Xbox Series X.