It seems that Apple has been working on a new project, and it’s an augmented reality (AR) headset! This article examines some of the key points that were revealed in this leak, including the name and prize.

Jon Prosper, a leaker and front page developer, just recently made a video on which Tim Cooke, CEO of Apple, could introduce bottles of wine versus a wall.
The video is full of mind, shamelessly detailed, and has actually apparently fixed lots of mysteries surrounding the brand-new apple ar glasses, which ought to be released in the near future.
Ready for this next information?
Drum-Roll please… The name of this new gizmo would be: Apple glass.
The name definitely has a specific level of refinement that we would connect with Apple marketing, which makes me even more desire to believe it-although it would be amusing if the name was shown to be issue or iSight.
(I am joking.) The cost rather not like Apple, with the least expensive design of glasses beginning at $ 499-it’s quite cheap for AR glasses.
Some would say that it is a low price for such a sophisticated device, it is sustained that Apple Glass can rely on the iPhone for its extensive treatment work, comparably to the watch.
Speaking of this, the brand-new glasses could be exposed alongside the new iPhone 12 in October, which would certainly constitute a funny occasion.
Other possibilities consist of the launch of solo glasses, or perhaps in two years.
On the technology side, glasses do not consist of a digital electronic camera for privacy.


They do not be tinted, because the dye affects the following functionality: apparently, the glasses will likewise consist of screens in the two lenses, with a user interface called Starboard, a sibling of the IOS Springboard.

It is said that the display screen is managed by touching the device itself or making gestures in front of the gadget with the hands.
The device will also be geared up with a scanner, specially equipped to scan the QR codes-which seems to be an odd characteristic (even Jon Prosper had no idea), however who understands?
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