Sony prepares the statement of the free games for PS Plus in February 2023
If the publisher does not alter the recognized procedure, the list of new inclusive games for PS5 and PS4 follows on Wednesday, February 1st.
This time a little exceptional sail happens: sony normally introduces the game lists on the last Wednesday of a month.


Since the very first day in February falls on a Wednesday, the games just appear in the 2nd February Week-AM very first Tuesday of the month.
Wednesday, i.e. February 1, 2023, is the day for the statement of the new PS Plus video games.

leakage of inclusive video games for February 2023.

Expert Billbil-Kun wants to understand which games can click in their collection in February.
The leak shows that the line-up consists of, to name a few things, the mafia definitive edition.
The freshly placed timeless shines in the new variation with re-polished technology, a movie theater tire mafia atmosphere and brand-new automobiles.
Gamers in the remake have to do without the original radio music.
Free travel is also very missing.
In addition to the mafia 1 remake, you also get Olliolli World and Evil Dead the Game – Bade for PS5 and ps4 in february.
Olliolli World (PS5 | PS4).
Mafia Definitive Edition (PS4).
Evil Dead the Video Game (PS5 | PS4).
Destiny 2 Beyond Light DLC (PS5 | PS4).

Bonus-DLC at PS Plus in February 2023.

According to the details, the Fate 2-DLC Beyond Light for PS5 and PS4 is included as a bonus offer in February 2023.
We will discover on Wednesday whether the information is verified when Sony announces the list.
We do not have any doubts: Billbil-Kun always predicted the line-ups correctly in the past couple of months.
The downloads of the new PS plus games are anticipated to start on February 7, 2023. To get gain access to, you need an essential subscription and the rate is around 60 euros annually.
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